Are countries turning into police states to combat Coronavirus?

Listening to measures to combat the  spread  of  Coronavirus  in Italy, Spain and other countries you may ask yourself  if we are actually  witnessing  the imposition of police states with an end to civil liberties and the rights to conduct our business without state interference.

For example  what gives Governments the right to interfere with lawful private business and enterprise? Such businesses  may go under financially as a result of being forced  to  close as a first line of defence in the containment of the spread of the Coronavirus. Under the circumstances  it appears that certain sectors of the economy are being unfairly persecuted whilst other areas of business and enterprise go relatively  unscathed. Why should some have to pay and be sacrificed to protect others when surely we are all in this together. Those that do pay a high price in the Coronavirus outbreak should be assisted to cope and not be put at risk financially and we all have a moral duty to ensure that everyone is adequately protected and allowed to come through this period without having to pay the cost with our own livelihoods and putting our families at risk of long term hardships. Forcing economies into recession  and increasing  unemployment for many is surely not the right way to tackle  the Coronavirus outbreak. The outcome for many will be that they will loose their jobs, their income, and their homes and possessions. This is a bleak way to handle this crisis and crippling your economy as a result, the impacts of which will last much longer than the Coronavirus outbreak itself. Coronavirus may be eventually long  gone but this is likely to be sooner than the long term effects and hardship which will come as a result  of crippling your economy and by plunging  it into  a deep recession.  Sure we have to take  steps to protect the most vulnerable in society but there must be a better way to do this that doesn’t  involve  making free democratic  countries  into police states. The elderly  and vulnerable must be protected  through self isolation if at risk and we must help them to do this until the Coronavirus has ended. However we must  also protect the younger  generations  as well by making sure that our domestic economies survive in tact, post Coronavirus, in order to provide opportunities for both current and future generations.

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