The ‘Special Relationship’ that seems to rely on Trump’s terms and tantrums

This special relationship between the US and the UK that is supposed to exit and that is so oft referred to seems to be nothing other than a one-sided promise that is dependent upon Donald Trump’s terms and tantrums. This special relationship was announced by Theresa May early on in her premiership and was supposed to be the foundation of the Brexit promise of better trading options post Brexit. It was held up as a model for likely trade agreements outside the EU. Recently we have seen 2 incidents which call this ‘Special Relationship’ into question and shows it up for what it really is: a one-sided attempt by the US to interfere in British Politics and an attempt to assuage power over the British Economy.

Trump lies in wait like a vulture for post Brexit Britain 

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Bodge-it Johnson promises everything but will deliver on nothing

Bodge-it certainly sees himself as a Churchill like figure and that is basically what he bases his image upon. He sees this as the moment of Britain’s  greatest need and he sees himself as the figure likely to step in to lead the Country out of it’s darkest hour towards a brighter future. All this really shows is that Bodge is full of his own importance and vanity and is in fact just a manipulative, self seeking individual from a privileged background. Also what Bodge-it fails to grasp is that Churchill reacted to circumstances brought about by other despotic figures in the world at that time. Bodge on the other hand is only trying to fix the mess of his own making and Cameron’s I should add. There is no real comparison between himself and Churchill. Churchill was a great man and Boris is well just a bit of a prat really. So when I hear statements from Bodge suggesting that he will make Britain the greatest place on Earth well you just have to laugh it is so absurd. This man cannot deliver on any of the outrageous promises he makes. He was only trusted with half a job by Theresa May and he managed to mangle and bodge that one up as well. Being a Mayor with little to do really and being a Prime Minister to lead and inspire are 2 very different roles. Bodge will just make a hash of being Prime Minister and lead the country towards ruin. Bodge has no compassion or understanding for those whose livelihoods will be wrecked as a result of his silly political meanderings. For Bodge-it it’s all just a game without serious consequences. He shows little understanding of the real world because he knows that he personally will not have to face the consequences of his silly public schoolboy pranks. Britain is certainly on the verge of catastrophe but the situation is in fact traceable back to Bodge-it-Johnson anyway and the misinformation of his Leave Campaign and it’s outrageous or liberal use of the truth and the figures during that Campaign.

Brexit has shown that democracy is flawed

Brexit has shown us that democracy is flawed. Fundamentally the idea of democracy is a good one but unfortunately democracy only really works when all things are equal. In Britain unfortunately this is simply not the case. Letting the people decide sounds like a good idea but in practice it has just led to a mess. I am not referring to the fact that Brexit has not yet taken place or that it has stalled: instead I am referring to the fact that it was ever allowed to take place at all. There could be only ever one outcome when people are asked to decide about matters over which they lack proper understanding and that outcome can only be a mess. Why would a government ask for a popular vote on such matters of importance. Only a very incompetent government would do such a thing. It was a totally irresponsible thing for a government to do. Brexit has shown us that democracy doesn’t always result in sanity and can actually have some serious consequences. Normally democracy works when it is moderated by a responsible government but when democracy is tendered out to the public without the moderation of a responsible government to guide us towards responsible actions then you have potential disaster. The sole purpose of democracy is to elect a responsible government that makes decisions to hopefully benefit the country, or at least that is it’s intended purpose. We choose a government based on experience and competence to do the job.  We don’t elect a government to put the people in charge of massive and potentially damaging decision making. Well we never used to until Brexit and not until Cameron took a huge gamble on the sense and reason of the British Public which ultimately backfired. Cameron put the people in charge and made Parliament subservient. Now unable to moderate the extremes of democracy the country was at the mercy of right wing sentiments, intolerance of foreigners (which incidentally is actually called ‘racism’), the undereducated and people with no understanding of economics. Unfortunately it was the composition of British Society which ultimately led to the Brexit Result. A poor indictment of Britain in the 21st century and because of this democracy left unmoderated by Parliament will never be either fair or reasonable and will always lead to unsuccessful outcomes.

Phenomenal Trade Deal putting America first?

A Phenomenal Trade Deal but with conditions is this what Trump was implying yesterday when discussing trade with Theresa May. Judging from her body language she appears to be cringing when Trump seems to add certain preconditions to his statement along the lines of everything is on the table and everything is negotiable.

What are these preconditions likely to mean for Britain?

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3.8% Majority has gone and Brexit is no longer the ‘will of the people’

Whether it is deal or no deal, Brexit is now no longer the ‘will of the British People’. The 3.8% majority in favour of Brexit has now gone and Brexit is no longer the’ will of the people’. The slender majority that initially supported Brexit has been eroded now by realities and realisations of the impact of Brexit either in a no deal scenario or with a poor deal ala Theresa May’s Deal.

Brexit is now dead in the water, it’s 3.8% majority has gone and our politicians need to catch up fast to the new ‘will of the people’

Brexit is now dead in the water and despite this our politicians seem to be ploughing on regardless with cloth ears. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, in particular is the biggest culprit. She is now out of step with public opinion because the 3.8% majority in favour of Brexit has now been eroded to nothing and Brexit is no longer the ‘will of the British People’. After all the bad publicity for Brexit it is inconceivable to imagine that a large proportion have not changed their minds and this is why we need a second referendum now that we have a clearer understanding about the implications of our exit from the EU. Despite this Theresa May is carrying on in a blinkered fashion like a demented racehorse, past its best and running at full speed until it finally exhausts itself and winds up in the knackers yard. British politicians and May in particular need to catch up with public opinion. 2 years is a long time in politics and the EU Referendum was now a very long time ago and public opinion in relation to Brexit has now changed.