£94 a week SSP is no incentive to self isolate against Coronavirus

£94 SSP is no incentive to self isolate against Coronavirus but it has highlighted how out of touch and unfit for purpose our Benefits System is. For years this has gone on largely hidden from public scrutiny as a result of concerted attacks by both the Tory Party and pressure from the right wing press in order to drive down the amount of support given to vulnerable people in the UK. Now, when a time has come, when this System is needed almost universally by all for support it is found to be wanting and outdated and to be offering only a questionable and inadequate level of support.

£94 a week is an inadequate sum that will not encourage people to self isolate against Coronavirus. This level of support and this amount show that our Benefits System is at least 20 years behind the current costs of living and has probably not been updated in all that time. The reality is that it should be offering at least £250 per week as a survival income. It appears that the government could easily afford to be offering that since it has recently announced that it could support workers salaries up to the level of double that amount and more (£2500 is the limit that it announced). Therefore raising SSP to at least 3x it’s current rate does not seem to be an unreasonable demand.

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Government abandons the self employed and zero hours workers left in ruin by Coronavirus

The Government has abandoned the self employed and the zero hours workers and left them in ruin of the Coronavirus. £94 a week is all of the support being offered to them after shutting down their livelihoods and decimating their customer base. £94 a week is small compensation for the loss of income that these groups will suffer as a result of the Coronavirus.

No lifeline thrown out to the self employed who are drowning because of the Coronavirus measures

Many self employed have loans to pay back for assets which enable them to carry out their business such as vehicles and premises. Such commitments do not simply disappear nor do their creditors. It is likely that these assets will be repossessed leaving these business without a means of carrying on in business. £94 a week therefore will do nothing at all to keep their businesses afloat and viable during or after Coronavirus. The government has taken away their customers leaving them with little room to manoeuvre and continue to operate. It is grossly unfair that the government has intervened with a package of assistance for some but not all UK citizens. It is quite prepared to pay up to £2500 a month to allow some to ride the storm of the Coronavirus but to others its help only extends to less than £400 a month in assistance. It is not treating some groups fairly. This is the country’s finances that belong to everyone during a time of crisis and everyone deserves to be treated the same and equally with them. Government assets and assistance should be distributed equally and with fairness to one and all. After all we keep on hearing statements along the lines of ‘we are all in this together and that we can come through this if we stick together’. Assistance of £94 a week to some is tantamount to just throwing some groups to the lions. The self employed and the workers on zero hours contracts matter too and they are integral to the British economy. They too deserve to be treated fairly and supported through the Coronavirus crisis as much as any other group . It’s no good expecting them to do their bit in suppressing this virus if all they have to look forward to is financial ruin, unemployment and destitution.

The self employed are experiencing a 2 thirds drop in their income

£2500 a month will keep some groups relatively comfortably  off and will insure that they can get through this crisis. For the self employed they have been abandoned by the government and will have no such insurance. The financial support has been distributed unfairly, favouring some groups at the expense of others. Britain will never be the same again after Coronavirus because there will be no faith and goodwill left in the self employment sector. Gig workers, self employment and zero hours contract work should now be avoided at all cost even outlawed. The Tories should be avoided for letting down a whole sector of the British Economy. There will no longer be any faith in that section of the economy so there will be a decline in that sector with a decline in new start ups.

Government will give you: £94, rent arrears, loan debts and ultimately destitution, to assist with Coronavirus

Tories claim that they are being generous and responsible in bringing in measures to tackle the Coronavirus situation but on analysis their measures fall very short of supporting the hardest hit members of society. This government are providing a package of assistance measures that seem to be supporting the needs of big businesses whilst neglecting or even exploiting the poorer members of society. For self employed, gig workers, zero hrs contract worker, you will be entitled to the generous amount of a full £94 a week to cover your costs and your rent. You will be assured that no greedy landlord can boot you out for your rent arrears for at least 3 months but after that you either find the money or you will be destitute. So you had better save some out of the generous £94 that the government will provide for you so that you can pay your rent arrears. Well in fact you had better save it all and spend not a single penny of it because your rent, in itself, is likely to be 3 or 4x the amount you are going to receive. Even worse if you are not sick and self isolating claiming SSP you will only be entitled to the miserly, miserable sum of £57.90.

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Us and Them in the fight against Coronavirus: reasons to be ashamed to be British

The last couple of weeks has not shown the British Public in a very good light, highlighting just how selfish we really are. Selfishly thinking only of themselves and completely oblivious to the fact that we are all in this together but instead we are seeing completely selfish individuals willing to put themselves first at the expense of others: it’s enough to make you feel ashamed of being British. It just makes you wonder if this government’s message will get through at all and it makes you realise that it’s simply not worth putting your faith in people at all. If this is the behaviour of the British at the very start of this Coronavirus outbreak what will it be like as the situation worsens? Will we see people being mugged in the street for their toilet tissue?

Another reason that I have to be doubtful that the government’s plans to tackle the virus, which relies on people first understanding the government guidelines about proper cleanliness, is an incident that happened to me this week. I am a taxi driver and over the weekend I picked up a fare. I noticed this young lady, I use the term in the broadest sense, was sucking a toffee when she got into the back of my car. Other than the horrible noise she was making whilst sucking on it, I had no reason to glance at her again. The next day I used the car for a  personal shopping trip. I then had cause to go in the rear of the vehicle for some reason and as I surveyed the state of the car to ascertain if it would need to be cleaned, I couldn’t help noticing a half eaten toffee sweet, stuck firmly down on the carpet under the back of the front passenger seat. There was no doubt in my mind who had done this and left it there for removal instead of taking some responsibility for it’s disposal themselves. So how can we put faith in people doing the right thing and taking responsibility when amongst us here in Britain live this type of lazy individuals who care nothing for others and are quick to pass on their individual responsibility to others just because they are darn right too lazy to take any responsibility upon themselves and they are just fundamentally dirty scumbags. I can’t help thinking what a big mistake it was allowing people like these to determine the economic future of Britain. This last few weeks I have felt ashamed to be British and can’t help thinking that the EU must actually be sighing with relief and saying to themselves ‘thank God that they have actually gone’, now that we have left the EU. I for one am lamenting that I can no longer refer to myself as European and have now to defer back to being just British.

‘Putting faith in a selfish bunch of people willing to clear supermarket shelves to ensure that they don’t go without whilst many others may have to, as a result of their  behaviour,  seems simply to be a misguided strategy in the fight against Coronavirus.

Are countries turning into police states to combat Coronavirus?

Listening to measures to combat the  spread  of  Coronavirus  in Italy, Spain and other countries you may ask yourself  if we are actually  witnessing  the imposition of police states with an end to civil liberties and the rights to conduct our business without state interference.

For example  what gives Governments the right to interfere with lawful private business and enterprise? Such businesses  may go under financially as a result of being forced  to  close as a first line of defence in the containment of the spread of the Coronavirus. Under the circumstances  it appears that certain sectors of the economy are being unfairly persecuted whilst other areas of business and enterprise go relatively  unscathed. Why should some have to pay and be sacrificed to protect others when surely we are all in this together. Those that do pay a high price in the Coronavirus outbreak should be assisted to cope and not be put at risk financially and we all have a moral duty to ensure that everyone is adequately protected and allowed to come through this period without having to pay the cost with our own livelihoods and putting our families at risk of long term hardships. Forcing economies into recession  and increasing  unemployment for many is surely not the right way to tackle  the Coronavirus outbreak. The outcome for many will be that they will loose their jobs, their income, and their homes and possessions. This is a bleak way to handle this crisis and crippling your economy as a result, the impacts of which will last much longer than the Coronavirus outbreak itself. Coronavirus may be eventually long  gone but this is likely to be sooner than the long term effects and hardship which will come as a result  of crippling your economy and by plunging  it into  a deep recession.  Sure we have to take  steps to protect the most vulnerable in society but there must be a better way to do this that doesn’t  involve  making free democratic  countries  into police states. The elderly  and vulnerable must be protected  through self isolation if at risk and we must help them to do this until the Coronavirus has ended. However we must  also protect the younger  generations  as well by making sure that our domestic economies survive in tact, post Coronavirus, in order to provide opportunities for both current and future generations.

Tory Government’s measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are weak, inadequate and devisive

Tory Government’s measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus are weak, inadequate and devisive and are unlikely to address the spread of the disease.

Coronavirus has already forced Johnson and his Tory government to drop the pretence that they are a political party intent upon creating a fairer Britain by bridging the divide between rich and poor; working class and the more privileged classes. The Tories have been exposed by their release of measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus which are exclusive to the wealthy and privileged and which make no consideration for the circumstances of the poorest members of society. These measures already amount to a betrayal of election pledges about unifying Britian and making it a fairer place. Coronavirus has exposed the pretence and the lies of their election campaign as the Tories now abandon the less well off and the vulnerable, in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, with a raft of measures which could be judged as uncompassionate and insensitive to the needs of the most vulnerable in society.

Statutory Sick Pay is an insult which has no basis or understanding about the real cost of living

This Tory government is tackling the potential of an outbreak as if it were just a disease likely to effect the wealthy or middle classes and whereby it suggests the relative luxury of self isolation as a means to tackle the outbreak. For those people who have the luxury and privilege of having understanding employers without loss of income this may well be the course of action that is open to them to prevent the spread of the virus. However for many this will not be an option at all. Gig workers and the low paid in sectors such as catering and care may be forced to continue to work because of financial constraints and obligations. It is ironic then that these same services have what could be considered as the greatest potential for the successful spread of the virus, particularly whereby those at the greatest risk of harm from the virus could become exposed because of the weakness of the governments measures. Low paid workers or those with insecure working arrangements will be forced through financial commitments and obligations and the lack of sick pay to continue to work even though they may be contagious and putting others at risk. There has been a lack of provision and an uncaring attitude from Government to address this issue. So far the Government’s response has been to suggest that making claims for Statutory Sick Pay and Universal Credit would address this issue but this is highly unlikely given the length of time that is needed to process such claims (currently 5 weeks for Universal Credit but likely to be more if more people are applying). Also the rates of any benefits would most likely fall well below the average amount earned for a weeks work. So the reality is that Statutory Sick Pay is an insult without any base or grasp of the real costs of living in the UK in 2020. It barely even covers a family’s weekly food bill. I would like to see Bodge-it Johnson surviving on £94 a week. So the reality is that people will not be rushing to make themselves financially vulnerable, in the way that this government suggests, as a result of Coronavirus

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