Labour : it’s not radical socialism it’s a logical solution to Britain’s problems

Labour’s plans are being referred to as radical socialism but that is misleading because it is simply about getting a fairer Britain, putting an end to poverty and exploitation. There is nothing radical about wanting to deal with Britain’s problems and the Labour Party are offering the best and most logical way to do this. It’s not radical socialism it’s a logical solution to Britain’s problems which addresses issues of fairness and social inequalities. It’s about stepping out and away from ways of doing things that haven’t worked for Britain at all for decades. Britain has been going nowhere but backwards under various Tory administrations and sadly also under the last manifestation of Labour under Tony Blair. The Tories have been failing Britain for as long back as the late 70’s and 80’s under Thatcher. Unfortunately for Britain nobody undid the harm and injustice that Thatcher and her ilk did to Britain at that time through ill thought out privatisations which benefited none but the rich shareholders that snapped up Britain’s assets during that time:  none of which have ever benefited the consumers. Not even Tony Blair’s watered down version of the Labour Party did anything much to reverse the harm which Thatcher’s policies caused the effects of which are still being felt today in: poor deals for customers, higher prices and a declining and inadequate NHS . That was a lost opportunity to turn Britain around but Labour at that time actually had more in common with the Tories than with traditional Labour Party values. Now though the time has come to undo the harm and mistakes of the past and to put Britain right and set it on a course for a brighter future. It’s about making Britain’s assets work for British people and not just a handful of wealthy shareholders. Everyone deserves to have a stake in Britain and public ownership of essential utilities and the railways are the way to achieve this. These are money making services whose profits can be used to reinvest in areas like the NHS. If they did not generate healthy profits do you really think the likes of Richard Branson would be keen to get involved in them? This was a myth and lie that Thatcher spread to convince people that public services were not cost effective, a burden on the taxpayers and would be best run by private enterprise. The likes of Richard Branson do not run these organisations as charities they obviously do generate healthy profits to be creamed off by these greedy owners and shareholders.

The Tories will tell you that these plans are a burden on taxpayers but that is not true. These services are essential services that we all use and which generate profits. These profits can be used to be put back into Britain which will actually lower the taxation burden on us all. How do the Tories fund their plans well in actual fact it is them and their plans which incur higher taxation mainly because they have asset stripped Britain so much that it has become nothing more than a poor beggar and borrower.

Put Britain on a new path: a path to prosperity and fairness for all

Labour represents fair prices for utilities and services and it’s about getting a better deal for consumers and reinvesting the profits from these industries back into improving public services and the NHS instead of filtering them away to a handful of greedy bosses and shareholders. It’s about getting fair pay and proper contracts for the jobs we do putting an end to exploitation. It’s about more affordable railways and proper investment in the NHS not just when you have to offer it as an election sweetener. Its about putting an end to poverty and destitution and about proper investment in public services including: social care, care for the elderly and education. It’s about offering a future for our children and scrapping costs associated with university tuition. The Labour party can put Britain on a new path: a path to prosperity and fairness. Let’s stop going around in ever decreasing circles by following an outdated and failed economic model introduced as long ago as Thatcher. It hasn’t worked for Britain at all. It’s time for a change! Let’s make Britain a better place to live and give hope for the future and let’s give future generations a better Britain to live in and better opportunities for our young people. I urge you all to vote for Labour at this General Election.

Get Brexit done is a joke : 3 Tory Prime Ministers and they still haven’t accomplished their own idea

Get Brexit done is the new Tory mantra in the run up to the forthcoming General Election but why should we trust them when so far they haven’t accomplished anything at all. Let’s not forget that Brexit and the EU referendum was their idea. Since then all the Tories have accomplished is 3 changes of Leadership: 3 Tory Prime Ministers and nothing at all to show for it other than a stream of incompetences.