David Cameron was probably the worst Prime Minister in British history but could this be topped soon?

Let’s face it, David Cameron was most probably the worst Prime Minister that Britain has ever had. His lasting legacy of incompetence can still be witnessed today with the ongoing debacle of Brexit. Not only had he given opportunity to wreck his Country but he also opened the door to to wreck his own Conservative Party through a posthumous demonstration of their ineptness and inadequacies to cope with the stupid promises that he made in order to bribe his way into power. No wonder he legged it and disappeared under a rock as soon as the results of the Brexit Referendum were known.

Despite this being only in recent memory the Conservative Party seem determined to outclass even this disgrace by potentially putting in place a new Prime Minister with the credentials to outclass even this dubious and notorious dishonour. It would appear that the momentum to win the battle to be the next Prime Minister is held by Boris Johnson despite the fact that in TV debate and in TV interview he appears to have no clear vision about what to do about the Brexit Situation that he inherited from the incompetent Cameron. His ideas seem vague and conflicting and ill thought through. He seems to believe that if his very dubious skills as a negotiator run aground he can rely on arrogance and bullying of the EU to get his own way. Something very public school about this attitude in my opinion don’t you think? When questioned about this attitude towards and concerns for the livelihoods of British Citizens regarding leaving the EU without a deal, he seemed both disengaged and unbelieving that his actions could have some consequences beyond the realm of Boris which is probably again due to his public school attitude to life. His approach therefore seems quite cavalier, arrogant and rather reckless so why would he be considered as suitable material for a British Prime Minister?

Well despite the Tories recent history of appointing incompetent Prime Ministers and Party leaders it appears that they want to elect a new one with even greater potential to do the Country harm. The Conservative’s ineptness to select a responsible and suitable Prime Minister shows a complete disregard for Britain and it’s citizens. They are seemingly willing to take a huge gamble with the well being of the UK by putting in place a Prime Minister that has the potential to do even more serious harm to the UK and it’s economy than even the stupidity and chaos wreaked by Cameron. We must ask are the Tories fit for purpose could they even organise a piss up in a Brewery? How could they even consider Boris Johnson as suitable for the role of Prime Minister but despite these major concerns they have set him in place as the favourite and preferred candidate seemingly giving his campaign the most momentum at this point. The Tory Party Leadership race is still open and the race to be the next Prime Minister is still ongoing. The Tories have really sown the seeds of their own demise in the selection and preference shown towards Johnson. The public will never forgive the Tories if they make a hash of Brexit and leave the EU without a deal. They need to select their new Leader and next Prime Minister wisely in order to avoid further catastrophe and embarrassment for both themselves and the UK as a whole. Jeremy Hunt by the same token seemingly has the same agenda albeit with a slightly different style. Hunt seems to have the same disregard for the consequences of a no deal Brexit therefore the Tories have locked themselves into a single course of action by fielding 2 potential candidates, for the role of the next Prime Minister, who both have exactly the same agenda.

Brexit has shown that democracy is flawed

Brexit has shown us that democracy is flawed. Fundamentally the idea of democracy is a good one but unfortunately democracy only really works when all things are equal. In Britain unfortunately this is simply not the case. Letting the people decide sounds like a good idea but in practice it has just led to a mess. I am not referring to the fact that Brexit has not yet taken place or that it has stalled: instead I am referring to the fact that it was ever allowed to take place at all. There could be only ever one outcome when people are asked to decide about matters over which they lack proper understanding and that outcome can only be a mess. Why would a government ask for a popular vote on such matters of importance. Only a very incompetent government would do such a thing. It was a totally irresponsible thing for a government to do. Brexit has shown us that democracy doesn’t always result in sanity and can actually have some serious consequences. Normally democracy works when it is moderated by a responsible government but when democracy is tendered out to the public without the moderation of a responsible government to guide us towards responsible actions then you have potential disaster. The sole purpose of democracy is to elect a responsible government that makes decisions to hopefully benefit the country, or at least that is it’s intended purpose. We choose a government based on experience and competence to do the job.  We don’t elect a government to put the people in charge of massive and potentially damaging decision making. Well we never used to until Brexit and not until Cameron took a huge gamble on the sense and reason of the British Public which ultimately backfired. Cameron put the people in charge and made Parliament subservient. Now unable to moderate the extremes of democracy the country was at the mercy of right wing sentiments, intolerance of foreigners (which incidentally is actually called ‘racism’), the undereducated and people with no understanding of economics. Unfortunately it was the composition of British Society which ultimately led to the Brexit Result. A poor indictment of Britain in the 21st century and because of this democracy left unmoderated by Parliament will never be either fair or reasonable and will always lead to unsuccessful outcomes.

Dog Poop adding to Environmental Plastic Pollution Problems

It’s the same old story give people an inch and they will take a mile. Laziness seems to be the easiest option for the ignorant and so the case is true with Dog Poop or Dog Poo whatever you like to call it. The problem is that Dog Poop bags are adding to the the World’s Environmental Plastic Pollution Problems and also becoming a local environmental nuisance. This is mainly down to the marketing strategy of the manufacturers who make these Plastic Dog Poo bags. They are clearly labelled in most cases highlighting the fact that they are ‘Biodegradable’. This has become the escape clause for these lazy people that think that they can just drop them anywhere and they will magically disappear. So instead of transporting the used bag to the next available drop off point (called a ‘Bin’ incidentally) instead they think it’s OK to drop them at the point where the dog stopped to do it’s business. Plastic pollution is the concern of everyone on this planet even you dog lovers. Also everyone has a joint responsibility towards their local environment. Everyone should clean up after themselves and not rely on others to clean up after them . Just because it’s outside of your immediate house or garden area does not mean it’s the local council’s responsibility. Local areas are for the enjoyment of everyone not a personal rubbish bin for you; you idle waste of space!

Dog Poo Bags will not magically disappear just because they are labelled as ‘Biodegradeable’

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The Labour Party must win back the Scottish Vote if they are to win a General Election

Labour needs to win back Scotland to succeed in a General Election situation and the only way it can do this is to offer a firm commitment to a Second Referendum on Brexit. To fight the SNP in Scotland Labour must ensure that it is in fair fight with the SNP and it can only do this by offering what the SNP is prepared to offer. Without a firm commitment to offer a Second Referendum as a Labour Manifesto Pledge then  Labour’s chances of making any gains in Scotland are doomed. To go into a General Election without such a commitment would be to go into battle unprepared and would most likely lead to another defeat.

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Brexit and Dog Poo what are the similarities?

Taking the Dog on it’s daily walk I was struck by the similarities of Brexit and Dog Poo. I was taking the dog out on its walk and it suddenly struck me that I had not brought out any dog poo bags with me. Rather than turn about and go back to the house I decided that there may be an opportunity to rectify my mistake by simply looking around for a discarded bag that often litter the area. This is an unfortunate truth that our social areas are often so littered by such items which are not hard to find because they are all around. It did not take me very hard to find one in a short space of time. Having found one I bent down to pick one up when I was suddenly alarmed by the weight of the bag which I had presumed to be empty. It became clear that the bag was not empty but had in fact been discarded not in a bin and disposed of properly but instead simply thrown on the ground. This act of littering alarmed me because it would have been better to have left the dog poo on the ground to decompose but the act of wrapping it up in a piece of plastic was worse than if it had been left on the ground to decompose naturally. The person who did this must have been ignorant of the problems associated with adding plastic to the environment. It struck me about the levels of ignorance and indifference that exist in so many people around us in our immediate localities and the impact that this has on others who inhabit the same localities. Taking this into a wider level of consequences really scares me.

So what are the similarities between this Dog Poo and Brexit?

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Don’t Get Sucked In by Dyson

Are Dyson really good vacuum cleaners or is it just hype? Well my partner bought one recently and I am now thinking that she was quite literally sucked in by the hype. In my opinion what we got was a vacuum cleaner that was inferior to models at least half its price. I am now encouraging her to send it back and get a refund. Quite literally this vacuum struggles to suck up any form of hairs on carpets. All it does is just push it around and into a ball unless you use the smallest nozzle to pick up every individual ball of hairs it makes. So it comes with a large head and a very small head. The small head is good enough but I really do not see why I should have to do all the hoovering throughout the house with a pin sized head to make up for the deficiencies of the proper tool. Quite literally then the only thing that this Dyson model seems to suck up is the suckers who seem to be falling for the Dyson hype and their inflated prices.

How much more Tory incompetence can we take?

So far Theresa May’s Government have achieved- well nothing at all! Brexit is failing or should I say Grayling (is it just a coincidence that Grayling rhymes with Failing?) because this is the new word and standard by which we should judge gross incompetence relating to public affairs.  The only person in the UK to actually benefit from the Theresa May’s incompetence regarding Brexit is Chris Grayling because it has thrown the spotlight off his incompetencies and still the embattled Prime Minister seems unable to deal effectively with both the Brexit issue and with the gross incompetence of Chris Grayling. He must be hoping that this situation continues. Is there any other position where you could cost your employer billions of pounds in losses and still retain your position in the organization? Not in the real world but this kind of behaviour seems acceptable to this Tory Government and to Theresa May.

Chris Grayling should be removed from Office immediately to protect the public from further financial disasters

Chris Grayling should be removed from Public Office immediately to stop and prevent anymore catastrophes blighting the public purse. The Tories clearly cannot be trusted to manage the public finances if they are willing to tolerate this level of incompetence. Grayling has to go now to guard the public finances against further mismanagement. Stop paying for his incompetence! Get rid and stop paying him to be a Minister.

Why should the Public have to settle for this level of incompetence and lack of respect for public funds?

Meanwhile the Prime Minister has taken her eye off everything besides her continuing and perpetual Brexit Dilemma. Theresa May is quite simply a Prime Minister who cannot cope because she is not dealing with anything satisfactorily. She is not dealing with incompetence  relating to others or to herself and her Party.  Quite simply this is a Prime Minister and a Government that have become bogged down and ineffectual. The Tories are becoming a National Embarrassment and are unable to properly govern this Country. It is quite shameful that Grayling has been let off and allowed to stay in post. So why should the public settle for this level of incompetence and lack of respect for public funds from elected Ministers because it would not be tolerated in any other occupation or organization. He is a National Embarrassment and Theresa May should be ashamed of herself and of her own Graylings.

Brexit will not make Britain great again

Brexit will not make Britain great again as some people think that it might. The reality is that Britain is actually going backwards harking back or looking back nostalgically to the days of Empire and colonialism. Brexit was essentially a vote of the older generation. Brexit will not make Britain great again nor will it bring back Britain’s Empire or Colonial past for this older generation. We also have to ask if this ageing generation should have been allowed to have such an influence on future generations to come or was this a huge mistake?

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Scotland gifted the General Election of 2015 to the Tories so will they do the same in 2017?

In the May 2015 General Election the Tories exploited the Scottish People’s desire to get independence for Scotland. In truth Cameron was dependent upon the hope that people would vote for the SNP as a protest vote or at least to split the vote and divide what were traditional loyalties of the Scottish People towards the Labour Movement. There is some truth though that Miliband offered nothing more that a wet version of the Labour Party during this period but this is only a small part of the equation. Alex Salmond in his quest to become ‘King of Scotland’ simply took his eye off the ball and failed to grasp that he was nothing more than a Tory Puppet being used to undermine Labour’s overall position in Scotland.

The 2017 General Election is not a vote for Devolution for Scotland: it’s about which political party governs the United Kingdom in the meantime

In truth the Labour Party need to do better in Scotland and the only way they can do is to give the Scottish people what they want: which is a referendum on Scottish Independence. This is to avoid this General Election in 2017 simply becoming an opportunity to get this referendum regarding their independence and a vote simply about regional politics/issues or devolution. The SNP are in reality a single issue Party so the Labour  Party need to blunt Sturgeon’s sword and steal the rug from under her and her Party by offering the Scottish people the very thing and only thing that the SNP can really offer. Once this is done and promised by Labour in a Manifesto Pledge then Scotland can  get to grips with the real political issues that face not only Scotland but the whole of the United Kingdom.

If this can be achieved by Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party then if there were to be a swing back to Labour in Scotland then even if Labour were to loose the General Election it may still be possible to increase Labour’s seats and thus reduce the Conservative’s majority in Parliament. This could be seen as a miscalculation by Theresa May and a significant loss if her majority were actually to be decreased in a General Election of her own calling. The Labour Party have a great deal to gain by stealing the show from the SNP in Scotland by playing Sturgeon at her own game. In the same way the Scots have to answer questions about why they have let the Tories in at the last General Election by taking their focus off what happens to the rest of the United Kingdom by simply focusing on their own needs in a General Election situation. General Election’s should not simply be about regional politics and attempting to get the most out of it for yourself and your locality: you need to see the bigger picture by establishing a Government that will bring about not just localised improvements but improvements across the whole of the United Kingdom, this is a given up until the day when devolution does actually occur. In the last election the focus on regional politics simply let the Tories in to have a greater share of the vote than they have historically held. This situation simply gifted the last election to the Tories and gave the a much stronger position in Parliament than they actually deserve. Scotland and the Labour Party need to get it right this time for the sake of the greater good in the United Kingdom.