Self employed have to wait additional month for Seiss grant 4?

The self employed  are having  to wait an additional  month for Seiss Grant 4 why? Previously  the grant  has been paid every 3 months  so why is it different  for Seiss Grant 4. The self employed  are under pressure  and many have used most of the last grant to pay their tax bills.  With little  or no work around why are the self employed  being asked to go fof a longer period without financial support.


Dog owners are bad for the environment adding to plastic pollution problems

Dog owners are bad for the environment adding to plastic pollution problems by insisting on wrapping dog feces in plastic. Also the manufacturers of the plastic dog poo bags are contributing to the problem by making claims that these bags are biodegradable which they may be but only after about a million years under the right set of environmental conditions. These false claims are leading to a situation whereby some ignorant dog owners are taking this labelling at face value and leaving used bags lying around on the ground thinking that they will magically disappear. However even the more responsible dog owners are also being misled and are perhaps unknowing still contributing to the problems of environmental plastic pollution by putting these used dog poo bags into waste bins which will eventually end up as landfill.

Dog feces wrapped in plastic will not biodegrade for a prolonged period if at all whereas dog feces not wrapped up in plastic will biodegrade completely with a week or 2 left in the environment. Even Local Councils are contributing to the problems which they then have to deal with by providing and maintaining landfill sites by having outdated and ill-informed policies relating to the ‘responsible’ disposal of dog feces and associated fines.

To dispose of dog feces responsibly whilst also looking after the environment by not adding unnecessary amounts of plastic to the environment all dog owners need is a rubber latex glove and a strong stomach. Put on the gloves, pick up the feces and remove it to a hedgerow or somewhere else where people do not walk and it is not causing offence. Put the glove in a bag and take it home to wash it at a later date. It’s really not that difficult to look after the environment.

ASDA take a backward step on environmental plastic pollution

ASDA take a backward step on environmental plastic pollution by reintroducing plastic packaging for their own egg brand. This replaces the previously used paper/cardboard packaging thus adding even more plastic packaging waste to the environment. This is a backwards step that is in contrast with the efforts of many of the other supermarkets who have taken steps to reduce plastic packaging on their lines. ASDA seem to be completely out of step with these trends. People should avoid purchasing products which potentially add to environmental pollution this being one of them.

Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Squier or Epiphone guitar

The main reason not to buy a Squier guitar is because the Company is owned by Fender. Because of this reason alone it ensures that any Squier guitar is going to be somewhat inadequate and inferior because Fender will make sure it is. I own a Squier Classic Vibe 60s Stratocasters and taking it at face value it looks and feels really nice. It certainly looks like a quality guitar in every way. It is only when you come to plug it into an amp when you understand it’s shortcomings and to all intents and purposes it was designed to be a disappointment because Fender simply do not want you to get anywhere near the quality of their own premium Fender lines. In a way it makes financial sense to protect the originality of their own more expensive guitars. They simply do not want you to be able to obtain that quality at a bargain price. It is such a shame because when not plugged in this guitar has such potential. The Squier Classic Vibe had the potential to be a classic guitar in it’s own right and could rightly have been up there alongside many classic Fender Strats but obviously Fender could  not and would not tolerate this so it designed a system of poor quality, inferior pick ups and/or electrics to make sure that the Classic Vibe never quite reached it’s true potential and thus protected its premium brand status. The Classic Vibe feels like a real instrument of quality made for a musician of intermediate to professional level. It is not an entry level guitar until you plug in it into an amp when all its potential just ebbs away into dissatisfaction. The same goes for Gibson and it’s own cheaper brand of Epiphone. I feel sorry for the workers and designers in these factories who must get pretty frustrated at seeing their products and handiwork being sabotaged in this way because they are certainly very capable of producing lovely instruments.

So one thing to bear in mind when purchasing a guitar is whether the manufacturer has a vested interest in selling you an inferior product. Taking the Squier Classic Vibe as an example on the surface you would say what a lovely guitar it is. However I also own a Chord Stratocasters that I paid less than £100 for and when I plug that in and play it it sounds 100x better than the Squier and that is because that manufacturer has no interest in making an inferior product so it invests in equipping the guitar as best it can. It wants to make the product as good as it can to improve it’s reputation whilst also offering the customer a good bargain. It chucks no spanner in the works because it has no interesting in protecting it’s brand. It offers no premium alternative. What you see and get is the best quality product that it has to offer. It offers an honest product for a modest price making it a modest profit. In reality I would have been prepared to pay more for this standard of workmanship and hardware. I would choose that every time. Another notable manufacturer which also has integrity and the same ethics is JHS Vintage brand which is another brand I would endorse without question. I would choose both of these brands above Squier or Epiphone. So my advice is beware of companies that are a sister company to a premium brand manufacturer in my opinion they will always let you down and there will be something substandard about their product. Beware of any pick ups that have been designed by the parent company because they are doing it for a reason.

As you improve on an instrument you begin to notice an instrument’s flaws and limitations. You can I suppose correct some shortfalls with investments and modifications so perhaps you have to balance this into the equation. Normally a new set of pickups and rewiring would cost you at least upwards of £100 depending on how much you wish to invest so this might still make the overall cost less than a brands premium product.


Is Line 6 Helix any good or is it manufacturer’s hype?

I have been following the development  of amp modelling  effects  from the start. Many of which I have previously  owned . I have found though  that I get quite  dissatisfied with them quite quickly not long after a struggle  with them to get authentic  sounding tones. All sounded quite digital, sterile and false

 After a while I gave up on the hope of them ever sounding right. For me the frustration culminated  when Line 6 claimed that the Pod HD was the business  and a step up the modelling  ladder from the earlier versions of Pod

This claim was quickly exposed as false and it actually  proved  to be a step backwards with inferior amp models and  a poor choice of amps in both variety and functionality. It was this that exposed Line 6 as manufacturer willing to hype up their latest product with misleading  claims. So why would I trust them with their claims regarding Helix? Many people have but are they giving an honest account  of Helix’,s performance  and capabilities? Customers  don’t  like to admit that they have  been  duped. Ghd Helix is a relatively  big investment and it has been noted that the release  of every new product had an incremental  price based upon the manufacturer ‘s claims about how the new product  stacks up against  previous products. For these  new units we have seen a massive  price jump. Customers  are now making bigger investments so is it any wonder that we are not seeing  too many negative reviews because bond likes  go admit that they may have been duped so they may well convince  themselves that they  actually got a good return  for their investment. How reading between the lines reveals  some dissent  going on. Manh have said that they had to purchase 3rd party IRs to make Helix truly  playable which suggests that the Cabinet IRs that are supplied by Line 6 are inferior. Chipping  away  at their armour then it appears that Helix may not be true  to it’s  claims of accurate representation of amps and effects. I personally  would be disappointed to have to make additional purchases  to make a product as expensive as Helix sound adequate. I know I am picking a fight here with Helix users  who will and must defend their investment  but many have broken ranks and expressed  some level of dissatisfaction. So is Helix any better than offerings from cheaper sources such as Nux mg. I am personally  blown away with the Mg. Having tried many from the usual suspects I can compare and say that the Nux Mg is so far  streets ahead of this group although I cannot  make claims in relation  to Helix because I have no first hand experience of it!

Us and Them in the fight against Coronavirus: reasons to be ashamed to be British

The last couple of weeks has not shown the British Public in a very good light, highlighting just how selfish we really are. Selfishly thinking only of themselves and completely oblivious to the fact that we are all in this together but instead we are seeing completely selfish individuals willing to put themselves first at the expense of others: it’s enough to make you feel ashamed of being British. It just makes you wonder if this government’s message will get through at all and it makes you realise that it’s simply not worth putting your faith in people at all. If this is the behaviour of the British at the very start of this Coronavirus outbreak what will it be like as the situation worsens? Will we see people being mugged in the street for their toilet tissue?

Another reason that I have to be doubtful that the government’s plans to tackle the virus, which relies on people first understanding the government guidelines about proper cleanliness, is an incident that happened to me this week. I am a taxi driver and over the weekend I picked up a fare. I noticed this young lady, I use the term in the broadest sense, was sucking a toffee when she got into the back of my car. Other than the horrible noise she was making whilst sucking on it, I had no reason to glance at her again. The next day I used the car for a  personal shopping trip. I then had cause to go in the rear of the vehicle for some reason and as I surveyed the state of the car to ascertain if it would need to be cleaned, I couldn’t help noticing a half eaten toffee sweet, stuck firmly down on the carpet under the back of the front passenger seat. There was no doubt in my mind who had done this and left it there for removal instead of taking some responsibility for it’s disposal themselves. So how can we put faith in people doing the right thing and taking responsibility when amongst us here in Britain live this type of lazy individuals who care nothing for others and are quick to pass on their individual responsibility to others just because they are darn right too lazy to take any responsibility upon themselves and they are just fundamentally dirty scumbags. I can’t help thinking what a big mistake it was allowing people like these to determine the economic future of Britain. This last few weeks I have felt ashamed to be British and can’t help thinking that the EU must actually be sighing with relief and saying to themselves ‘thank God that they have actually gone’, now that we have left the EU. I for one am lamenting that I can no longer refer to myself as European and have now to defer back to being just British.

‘Putting faith in a selfish bunch of people willing to clear supermarket shelves to ensure that they don’t go without whilst many others may have to, as a result of their  behaviour,  seems simply to be a misguided strategy in the fight against Coronavirus.

Cringe worthy Conservative Party political broadcast 05/02/20

The Conservative Party Political Broadcast last night was cringe worthy in true Boris style. It was more like a confessional and featured some sap that was prepared to go on national TV and admit that he had betrayed his working class roots by admitting to having voted Tory in the last election. The style of the interview was like a confessional having admitted to having committed the ultimate sin by voting Tory. Then to add to the public humiliation and embarrassment he then actually got to meet the ‘devil’ himself. The message seemed to be that you live on even after committing the ultimate sin and the devil welcomes sinners. The whole set up was so false and again deviates from serious politics in true Bodge-it style. That poor bloke who appeared in that garbage is going to have to live with that for the rest of his life and live with the knowledge of his very public betrayal of his working class background. No matter how you want to look at it, it is still wrong. Please do not wrestle with your demons in public it is embarrassing!

There is no ‘oven ready Brexit deal’

There is and never was any ‘Oven ready Brexit deal’, instead it transpires that it was merely an agreement in principle with the EU. Trading terms have not been sorted out and agreed to at all and there still remains the possibility that Britain could still crash out of the EU without any deal. Michael Gove recently confirmed that ‘No Deal’ was still on the table in order to force the EU to offer the UK a better bargaining position with the EU. Trading terms have certainly not been finalised which suggests that agreements on certain issues have only been agreed in principle hence no ‘oven ready Brexit deal’ as Bodge-it claimed in the run up to the General Election.

There never was any ‘Oven ready Brexit Deal’: it was just a political bluff designed to seize power

This is therefore not the first campaign that Bodge-it has won on a bluff and fudging of the actual facts and figures. In fact it seems to be part of a trend of his: being economical with the truth in order to get his own way. There never was any ‘Oven Ready Brexit Deal’: it was just a political bluff designed to seize power and to hoodwink the voters in the General Election. I am pretty sure that many people who decided to vote Tory in the last general election were not voting for a ‘No Deal Brexit‘. Instead they were told that there was an oven ready deal waiting and ready to proceed. Now it looks as if this was an empty promise because a’No Deal Brexit’ still remains firmly on the table and there is still a distinct possibility that we could leave the EU in December without any trade deal at all. So if there could still be a ‘No Deal Brexit‘ now at this stage how could there have possibly been an ‘Oven ready Brexit Deal’ at the time before the Election as Johnson claimed? Because both are a paradox which means that cancel each other out; they cannot coexist together it had to be one or the other. Either there was a deal or not a deal. It now appears that in reality there was no ‘Oven Ready Brexit Deal’ at all.

Would voters have still voted for the Tories if there was still a possibility of a ‘No Deal’ exit from the EU? This is not the first time nor will it be the last that Johnson has made claims in order to get his own way. It seems like his whole political mission is to be economical with the truth in order to press ahead with his own agenda in the way that he sees fit regardless of democratic processes and accountability.

The first thing a dictator does is attack the media and suppress unfavourable criticism

One of the first things that Boris Johnson has done since being elected is to attack and make threats to the BBC. He seems to be planning to undermine funding of the BBC and threatening some kind of strategy of disengagement which is a decision taken over the press he received when he refused to be interviewed by Andrew Neal.

Britain is obviously happy with another 5 years of Tory incompetence and mismanagement

Britain is obviously happy with another 5 years of Tory incompetence and mismanagement. Let’s face it Britain is a mess but obviously the only thing on people’s minds has been to leave the EU. Well that is now going to happen so Britain has made it’s bed and now will have to lie in it come what may. This General election was not about internal policies and doing things that could have improved Britain it was about putting faith in uncharted waters and blindly trusting our fortunes elsewhere. We may look back on today and rue our decisions and see it as a missed opportunity to tackle many of the problems that Britain has many of which have been caused by Tory incompetence and mismanagement. This General election has not been about policies it has been about personalities and slogans. Britain and the British voters have chosen to gamble on Brexit being the solution to problems instead of sensible set of policies to tackle the most pressing matters and to undo the harm and depression caused by Tory rule. Instead we now have to put faith in the USA and hope that Trump does not see fit to exploit our vulnerable position as we leave the EU. We are basically putting our faith in human nature and an innate sense of morality. However after the result of this election I for one am not sure that any is there to be had. The result of this election defies reason but in a strange way it was also anticipated. This election was the opportunity to end poverty in the UK and address many of Britain’s economic inconsistencies. It was an opportunity to get a fairer Britain and to insure that we got better NHS and public services. Britain decided not to support these values: it could be a decision that we later regret. Most people would have been a whole lot better off if they had chosen to be but Britain and the British people are obviously happy with seeing a decaying Britain under Tory mismanagement without much hope of anything better around the corner. We now have to face Brexit and the challenges that brings with it. Let’s hope that the road be a smooth one.