If you shop at Aldi or Lidl then you should certainly not be supporting Brexit

If you currently shop at either Aldi or Lidl it would appear that you are a shopper that likes to find the best value for the best price so if you fall into this category then you should certainly not be supporting Brexit. 

Brexit will lead to higher prices even in these supermarkets. the estimated increase of prices of goods from the European Union is likely to be between 5-10% therefore you can expect to pay around 10% more for your shopping from these supermarkets. So if your average weekly shopping amounts to £100 that’s and extra £10 a week. £520 increase alone on your weekly shopping bill.

Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP should move aside because she is not doing Scotland any favours at the moment

Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP should move aside because she is not doing Scotland any favours at the moment. She claims to have the interests of Scotland and Scottish people to heart but in fact she is the worst thing that could happen to Scotland at the moment because she and the SNP are powerless to stop Brexit happening. Her obsession with devolution for Scotland is putting Scotland at risk of departure from the EU which is not the outcome favoured by most Scottish voters. However alone the SNP are powerless to prevent Scotland’s departure from the EU and a likely ‘No-deal Brexit’. If she cared about Scotland shouldn’t she put her ambitions for devolution aside for the moment and deal with the bigger issue regarding Scotland’s imminent departure from the EU along with the rest of the UK. Step aside Sturgeon and let a bigger more national party handle this bigger issue. You can always take up your cause and quest again at a later stage. The crisis facing Scotland and the UK is very real and needs to be dealt with by a Party that can challenge and defeat the Tories in a General Election. This position cannot be achieved by a single issue party with a regional agenda. Sturgeon’s position and presence is actually assisting the Tories and thereby has grave consequences for Scotland.

The UK faces a one-sided trade deal with the USA with Trump dictating terms to an isolated Britain

The UK faces a one-sided trade deal with the USA after it leaves the EU without a deal. To be sure Trump will use this situation to dictate terms which are more favourable to the USA than they would be to the UK. Trump is after all a businessman who will see opportunity when it arises. The UK will be alone and isolated and desperate after a ‘No-deal Brexit’. Basically we will have no negotiating powers to draw upon and Trump will exploit this to his advantage. This is just the way of the world and the UK will be assisting this situation by leaving the EU without a deal in place. Thus far Bodge-it has failed to get any real commitments from the USA regarding future trade other than a gentleman’s agreement which is not binding. The USA has not given firm assurances and seem to be waiting to see what happens which could turn to their advantage if Britain looks desperate and that is why they are offering Bodge no real assurances. Meanwhile Bodge-it has very little left of the 30 days he promised Angela Merkel after which he said that he would be in a position to present a viable alternative to the ‘Backstop’ to the EU. That meeting with Merkel took place on 21/08/19 so he has basically reached the half way point and still there is no sign of any new proposals coming forward to move the process along.

Bodge-it is prepared to betray the Irish with a ‘No Deal Brexit’ exit

The purpose of the ‘Backstop’ was to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. That was the purpose of the negotiations with the EU that Theresa May’s government set up. A ‘No Deal Brexit’ will basically guarantee that a hard border is set up.

The quickest way to guarantee a hard border in Ireland will be through a ‘No Deal Brexit’ 

The most surefire way to get a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will be through a no deal Brexit. If the Backstop is the only method available of preventing this situation then arguments against the backstop will be counterproductive and a no deal Brexit exit will in fact be a betrayal of the Irish leading to a hard border between the 2 parts of Ireland.

The SNP (Scottish National Party) are powerless to stop Brexit

The SNP (Scottish national Party) are powerless to stop Brexit and they will never be in a position to do so. In fact they are partially accountable for the success of the Tories in the General Election of 2017 and they continue to prop the Tories up in power in the UK. The SNP will never be in a position to govern the UK because they are primarily a regional Party. In fact the SNP is actually assisting the Tories by splitting the vote. This suits the Tories more than it suits Labour. As a result they have helped elect a political party that is actually detrimental to Scotland at the moment because they are assisting the Tories and helping them to hold on to power in the UK. As a result Scotland faces the unpopular scenario of leaving the EU with the rest of the UK. A vote for the SNP has resulted in a vote to keep the Tories in power.

Scottish devolution should be put on hold to deal with the more urgent matter of Brexit. 

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Bodge-it, bungling, baffooning Johnson to become Prime Minister, can Britain be any more embarrassing?

Bodge-it Johnson has won the Conservative Party Leadership Contest to become Britain’s next Prime Minister can anything really be more ridiculous and embarrassing for Britain? The whole thing just smacks of desperation really in that the Tories were unable to find anyone more suitable really just speaks volumes about the lack of talent and ambition in the Conservative Party at this time. Instead they are willing to make an uncalculated gamble with the welfare of the British Economy by placing their faith in a recklessness and self seeking, self promoting, bungling and baffooning bodger. Tories need to go before they do any more harm to the UK. They are incompetent in government. This is the 3rd change of Prime Minister since they came into power. If they cannot even select their own leader wisely without having to make multiple attempts to do it correctly then how can they seriously be trusted to govern the UK? I suspect that this will not be the last leadership contest that we witness from this shambles.

James Goddard: the embarrassing face of British bigotry and Brexit

Britain is an embarrassment and James Goddard is a perfect example of why we are an embarrassment. Together with this and this week’s demonstration of our MEPs in Brussels Britain has  brought shame upon itself through the behaviour of a bunch of well paid public servants prepared to make a mockery of their respective roles and badly behaved yobs though neither are distinguishable since they have so much in common. Neither of these show Britain in a good light. MEPs get paid relatively large salaries in relation to the average wage so now seems to be paying them to be antagonist and disruptive like badly behaved bunch of school children. Is that really value for the money they receive? Some anti Europeans might think it is I suppose but in all sincerity I think the money could have been better spent unless you think that burning bridges between our European neighbours is really the right way to do business. All in all not a good week for Britain. Are these the representative faces of the Brexit lobby it would seem to be representative of at least some proportion of the Brexit vote. Is this really something that you could be proud of, that Britain could be proud of? Have we really become just a nation of biggots, antagonistic towards our neighbours and outsiders, lacking in the spirit of cooperation and understanding ?