Corbyn is right not to be drawn into Brexit Pledges

I watched the news last night where Jeremy Corbyn was pressed by Laura Kuenssberg for an answer and commitment regarding Brexit. I have to say that he handled this very well. I believe that he is right to say that he needs the best deal for Britain before he would consider Brexit and surely this would be what everyone in Britain wants as well. The best deal possible. Why would a politician simply go ahead and rush into a situation which may be catastrophic socially and economically for Britain which impacts on not just our generations but those to come, just because of a small public opinion. On the contrary to Kuenssberg’s line of question and motivations this actually made Corbyn look very good because he is demonstrating that he is a very responsible and capable politician and leader. Kuenssberg really scored an own goal here because of her questioning which made it look exactly what it was as an attempt to discredit Mr Corbyn. Brexit is not something that should be rushed and we should not be taking chances with our economy just because of small public majority putting not just our own futures at risk but those of our children as well. Contrast this to Theresa May’s stance who seems to take every opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of public opinion and public sentiment. It was not long ago that I remember that she was actually opposed to Brexit and for the remain campaign. Yes in contrast to Corbyn May simply wants to please everyone and has no strength of her convictions she is simply looking for votes. She will not deliver on anything and that is why she is so rushing into this General Election because she can see that when the public sees through her crumbling fascade then ‘her popularity’ (already questionable) will soon wain. She has little strength of convictions and changes here allegiances according to the wind and public opinion: this is not something that a Leader should do. Her shouting match with the rest of Europe has won her no friends and simply hardened the European sentiment against her. With her at the helm Britain faces a tougher exit from Europe than is necessary and a failing economic future to accompany it. Her General Election has been called because she knows that she is constrained and hampered by Cameron’s previous election pledges not to raise taxes. May simply wants to ditch these taxation plans in order to fund her hard Brexit and make you all pay for her stupid mistakes that she is making which Corbyn rightly describes as ‘Megaphone Diplomacy’. In contrast Corbyn is showing that he is a responsible and thoughtful leader with the strength of his convictions who will not be influenced by public opinion. What more do you want from a leader?

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