Government abandons the self employed and zero hours workers left in ruin by Coronavirus

The Government has abandoned the self employed and the zero hours workers and left them in ruin of the Coronavirus. £94 a week is all of the support being offered to them after shutting down their livelihoods and decimating their customer base. £94 a week is small compensation for the loss of income that these groups will suffer as a result of the Coronavirus.

No lifeline thrown out to the self employed who are drowning because of the Coronavirus measures

Many self employed have loans to pay back for assets which enable them to carry out their business such as vehicles and premises. Such commitments do not simply disappear nor do their creditors. It is likely that these assets will be repossessed leaving these business without a means of carrying on in business. £94 a week therefore will do nothing at all to keep their businesses afloat and viable during or after Coronavirus. The government has taken away their customers leaving them with little room to manoeuvre and continue to operate. It is grossly unfair that the government has intervened with a package of assistance for some but not all UK citizens. It is quite prepared to pay up to £2500 a month to allow some to ride the storm of the Coronavirus but to others its help only extends to less than £400 a month in assistance. It is not treating some groups fairly. This is the country’s finances that belong to everyone during a time of crisis and everyone deserves to be treated the same and equally with them. Government assets and assistance should be distributed equally and with fairness to one and all. After all we keep on hearing statements along the lines of ‘we are all in this together and that we can come through this if we stick together’. Assistance of £94 a week to some is tantamount to just throwing some groups to the lions. The self employed and the workers on zero hours contracts matter too and they are integral to the British economy. They too deserve to be treated fairly and supported through the Coronavirus crisis as much as any other group . It’s no good expecting them to do their bit in suppressing this virus if all they have to look forward to is financial ruin, unemployment and destitution.

The self employed are experiencing a 2 thirds drop in their income

£2500 a month will keep some groups relatively comfortably  off and will insure that they can get through this crisis. For the self employed they have been abandoned by the government and will have no such insurance. The financial support has been distributed unfairly, favouring some groups at the expense of others. Britain will never be the same again after Coronavirus because there will be no faith and goodwill left in the self employment sector. Gig workers, self employment and zero hours contract work should now be avoided at all cost even outlawed. The Tories should be avoided for letting down a whole sector of the British Economy. There will no longer be any faith in that section of the economy so there will be a decline in that sector with a decline in new start ups.

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