Labour can win the next Election

The Conservatives are weak in many areas that the Labour Party could easily exploit to win in the next election.

The Labour Party need to exploit the Tories weakness

Labour need to exploit the Conservatives weakness of which there are many and it also needs to learn from Past Mistakes. Fighting the Tories on the Minimum Wage is just one idea but there are plenty more to be exploited.

Miliband lost the last election by failing to offer the same Brexit Vote that the Tories did

The Labour Party needs to be more aware of what the General Public want. Miliband was so out of touch by not matching the Tories with the same opportunity for the public to express themselves in the Brexit Referendum. This I believe was the main selling point of the Conservatives Election Campaign and the main weakness of the Labour Party Campaign. This lack of understanding and foresight certainly cost Miliband the election.

Let’s not make the same Mistake Again

The Labour Party need to avoid making the same mistake again. Mr Corbyn has great integrity and is a principled man but principles can get in the way and cost votes. He needs to accept Public decisions regarding the European Union and move on. He does not want to challenge this or be seen to interfering. He must put some of his strong beliefs and principles aside until there has been a significant shift in public opinion.

The Labour Party must listen to the public and more it must offer choice to voters with an opportunity to express themselves and influence policy matters and direction. This is singularly now the greatest weakness of the Conservatives and Labour need to exploit it. There is a Goldmine out there ready to be plundered. Take the level of dissatisfaction regarding the Railways and the Energy Providers. Labour need to exploit this public opinion about these privatised companies and offer a new choice in a Brexit Style Referendum. Labour need to seek a Mandate from the Public to bring these companies back into Public Ownership and they need to show how beneficial this would be to all Tax Payers and all Voters in general. This an issue which the Tories could never exploit or fight on. This is their weakness their Achilles Heel. I believe that private ownership of these companies is so deeply unpopular with voters who have witnessed constant price hikes, fat cat pay offs, cartel like price fixing and generally such poor service and value that they can now see that the privatisation of these companies was flawed and a huge mistake. The Labour Party need to exploit this by offering Voters more opportunity to have their say on these matters in a Brexit like Referendum. Give the Voters more chance to express their opinions. This would also give the Labour Party an opportunity to return to it’s Socialist Roots whilst alleviating the fears of some of the Blairites in the Labour Party who still oppose a move back towards adopting the true version of Clause IV of the Labour Party Constitution. This way a simple public vote could decide on the future direction of the Labour Party and could work towards healing the Ideological Rift in the Party which currently exists. There are many benefits that would support offering a BREXIT STYLE REFERENDUM as a part of Labour’s next Election Manifesto. This needs to be a significant part of Labour’s Next Election Manifesto.