‘Let’s get Brexit done’ is just an attempt to dumb it down by the Tories

‘Let’s get Brexit done’ the General Election 2019 mantra from the Tories is just an attempt to dumb it down and avoid many of the other issues of importance that face Britain at the moment.

It’s true that Boris Johnson likes to over simply matters not only for himself but also for the electorate as well. The Tory toff’s  appeal comes from trying to get down with the working classes by pretending to be one of them. Just think how many times he appears in front of the media in a yellow hard hat and a high vis vest or a doctor’s gown. You might actually think or grow to believe (as he wants you to believe) that he actually works on a building site or in a hospital or suchlike . His current strategy is to go one further to appeal to the masses by suggesting he aligns to, or identifies with the laziest and most under-educated elements in our society. I personally find it both insulting and condescending that he thinks or believes that the working class is both lazy and under-educated. I would have expected these Victorian beliefs and values from the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg certainly and you can see where the Tory party is going with this with the introduction of the likes of Rees Mogg to Johnson’s cabinet. This Tory party led by Johnson essentially sees the working classes as lazy and looking out for a quick solution to everything. It seems to be based on the understanding that we cannot be bothered to investigate or research matters to work out the best way to do thing. Just look at the references to doing things quick that might appeal to the laziest among us. Dropping meals in a microwave to which the process of Brexit, in all it’s importance to the economic future of Britain and it’s future prosperity, has been compared to :or reduced to.

Johnson came onto a Newsnight TV interview and kept on repeating or chanting and ranting the same ‘Lets get Brexit done’ mantra or quizzing ,nay heckling Jeremy Corbyn like some overgrown ,immature schoolboy about where he stands personally on Brexit. The whole thing was a deviation and avoidance tactic to waste time and avoid serious debate. Corbyn’s stance on the matter is both clear and irrelevant at the same time yet Bodge-it just kept on heckling and repeating the same nonsense in order to divert attention away from his own defects and inadequacies ( an understanding of Maths or telling the truth being 2 of the subjects he tries to avoid).

Also the most recent TV Party Political Broadcast  which appeared last night just kept on repeating the same thing and was designed to appeal to those among us that just want rid of the whole Brexit process ( mainly the Conservative Party to which it has become a source of extreme embarrassment). Again the Tories seemed to be appealing again to the laziest elements of society those with little understanding of what is at stake but just want it to go away because they are simply tired of engaging with the debate..Bodge it’s inedible stodge is Bin Ready Right Now

Doing things for the sake of expedience is simply not the best way to determine the future of Britain and appealing to that faction of our society which supports such a viewpoint is an insulting mistake by the Tories. People of Britain want or at least should be trying to ensure that Britain has an economically prosperous future outside of the EU, which in my opinion is questionable anyway. The British public should not be reckless with the economic future of Britain and this is the message that has been sent out by Parliament in obstructing Brexit so far. Nobody should loose their jobs, livelihoods or homes as result of Brexit. the NHS should not be put in danger of exploitation from Trump and the USA either. Britain should not be held to account by an under-educated, ignorant mob and this is what Parliament has been trying to tell us. The Tories on the other hand want to exploit this mob culture to their advantage and they are certainly not putting the economic interests of Britain first. Likening the process of putting a ready meal and getting a proper Brexit for Britain are certainly not the same thing. Chanting down others who do not hold the same opinions or for the effect of avoiding proper scrutiny of future policies and recent failures is a childish strategy but would you really expect anything other from Bodge-it? The Tories have been failing Britain for years. They have been wasting public finances and have to take the credit for increased homelessness,  presiding over a failing NHS, poor investment in education just to name a few. As a knee jerk reaction to the General election 2019 they are promising to re-invest heavily in these areas which they have been running down for years. Can all this make up for the neglect that they have presided over in these areas since 2010: I don’t believe so. even with the promises that they have made ( which seem to be dependent upon a strong economy post Brexit) te levels of investment are still below what they were in 2010. Tory policies are failing Britain and each individual element of the Union of the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson and Tories are playing right into the hands of the devolutionists such as the SNP who actively want the break up of the Union, these are closely followed by those in Wales and the the liklihood of those in Northern Ireland may want to follow along the same path. A vote for Bodge-it and the Tories is like voting for a smaller and smaller Britain.SNP fearful of loosing seats to Labour in the General election


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