Putin must fail in the Ukraine

NATO must ensure that Putin has no success at all in the Ukraine. It is a duty to ensure that Putin must fail in the Ukraine. Failure is the only way to ensure that Putin looks weak in Russia. Failure will lead to the removal of Putin. NATO must get involved now to ensure that Putin fails in the Ukraine. So far NATOĀ  has made too many mistakesĀ  in containing Putin’sĀ  Nazi ambitions so now is the time for action. Also NATOĀ  must quicklyĀ  enroll the UkraineĀ  into NATO and the EU without delay so that it can legitimately engage its forces against those of the Russians. NATOĀ  must do it now before it too late.

Failure to do this signals that NATO is prepared to sacrifice the Ukraine šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡¦ in order to retain stability in the West. This attitude allows Putin to legitimately target anyone he wants outside of NATO.

Whilst Putin engages in a game of Poker, destroying lives in the Ukraine : NATOĀ  plays a game of Solitaire.

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