The Tories have a secret Brexit Agenda

Have you ever wondered why the Tories are so keen to push ahead with Brexit despite the gloomy forecast for the UK’s Economic Future and the reality for the majority of UK citizens? Have you ever wondered if they are not telling you something? Well the plain truth about why they are so keen to achieve a departure from the European Union at whatever cost to this Country lies in the past and the Conservatives continued allegiance to the principles of Thatcherism.

Tories still love the idea of having a low wage Economy

Thatcherism was always keen to obtain and maintain a low wage, high unemployment economy where people were falling over one another to obtain work which assisted employers in driving down wages and working conditions to a bare minimum. High levels of unemployment ensured that there was a large available workforce which was also disposable by eroding conditions of work. This was Thatcherism at work. Now the possibility of Brexit  has made all of this possible and available again to the Tories, who’s vision for Britain is about having and maintaining a low wage economy which they see as preferable because it may make Britain competitive in the World economy again. Yes it might but at what price?

Tories vision for UK is a return to the conditions of the Victorian era guided by Thatcherite economic principles

The likely result of Brexit may be a devaluing of our Economy and the destabilisation of our current wage structures. We may be forced to accept unsuitable trade arrangements that favour the other countries that we deal with, but that don’t suit or are much less favourable to ourselves. Our Economy will struggle and there will be job losses. This may suit the Tories who favour this type of economic climate forcing wages down to make ourselves competitive in the world economy is something that the Tories have encouraged and longed for since the Thatcher Era of British Politics. This type of economic climate could force us to abandon the Minimum Wage for example ( which was much resisted and opposed by the Tories prior to it’s introduction). High unemployment will be a likely consequence of a failing economy and under such circumstances there will be pressures to abandon the Minimum Wage as economic growth is stifled. As a result of withdrawal from the EU workers protection rights may become eroded across the board further assisting the Tories in their quest to make us a low wage economy again. Under such circumstances the human costs will be tragic with people loosing: jobs, income, opportunity; their homes being repossessed and living under generally oppressive conditions of a high inflation Economy with high levels of unemployment. The social costs will be negative and immense impacting on future generations who will be robbed of opportunity and futures. Is this what you want for your children I would ask every British Citizen to consider?

Under the Tories we have seen more homelessness on our streets and an assault on the Benefits System. They now want to erode conditions of work to resemble conditions of the Victorian Era by seeking to obtain higher levels of unemployment by supporting Brexit which will result in an Economic Slump for Britain. Brexit now offers the Tories an opportunity to return to these values and re-instate Thatcherite Economic Principles again by stealth rather than by public appeal or choice. This is the the Tories Secret Agenda and the reason that they are so keen to press ahead regardless of the true consequences with these stupid Brexit plans.

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