Well done Britain, you elected a clown as your Prime Minister and now you have a Circus

With a recommendation  today that people  stay  away  from entertainment  venues in order  to prevent the  spread of  Coronavirus the Tories  and the PM have managed  to make a huge  amount  of people unemployed and at risk of devastating  financial  hardship. Not just  specifically  those sectors of the economy  but associated areas as well. Not bad for a PM that’s  only been in the job for 3 months. Only a true clown  could  accomplish such a feat. Not only  has he managed  to effectively shut down a complete section  of the economy he has prevented them from getting  compensation by nulifying their abilities  to claim on insurances by simply asking people  to boycott this sector  of the economy rather than ordering  it be shut as an act of parliament. 3 months and assisted  by a Coronavirus  outbreak the clown  PM has managed to increase  unemployment and wreck many  people’s  likelihoods. Many more businesses now also stand on the brink  of extinction as the UK’s  economy  is poised  to go into meltdown. What  we are witnessing  here is a fundamental  disrespect towards a whole section  of the economy not witnessed  since the days of Margaret Thatcher and Norman Tebbit who famously  remarked about  how  people  who lost  their  employment because  of their  policies  should  get  on their  bikes  and go and find  alternative  work: as if it were  ever that easy. We now see basically much  of the same  contempt for people’s  likelihoods from this new, self styled ‘listening  Tory Party’. Bodge-it is either  showing  similar disrespect  and contempt  for people’s  livelihoods or he is just basically  out of his depth and making a huge custard pie to throw at us all. Whatever it is it basically amounts to slashing the throat of the :entertainments, catering, tourism and transport sectors of the British Economy, and standing by watching them bleed to death. The Tories have not achieved any destruction of a single industry on this scale since back in the days of Thatcher, when it was done in a deliberate fashion but in contrast Bodge-it has accomplished the same feat simply through a single act of incompetence and ignorance. No arrangements have been put in place to limit the damage caused or to lessen the impact on the victims of his ill thought through strategy of the incompetent clown PM. It is certainly in bad taste which will lead to lasting  legacy of bitterness and resentment towards a government that has only been in office for 3 months. This act of unprecedented incompetence and vandalism just goes to shows how completely out of their depth this Government and this clown of a Prime Minister are when it comes to managing a situation of crisis. As I have said previously Boris Johnson will be remembered as a figure of incompetence and will be remembered for wrecking the British Economy which is, after only 3 months in office, a course that he has already embarked upon.

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