8 months in a Post before a Government reshuffle isn’t even time to read the brief

Sunak’s merry-go-round government reshuffles after only 8 months. That’s  just about enough time to read and understand  the brief buy hardly enough time to accomplish anything meaningful. Let’s take Grant Chapps as an example when in Boris’ Party he was Business Minister charged with handling the P& O sacking fiasco. I remember tough talk to bring P&O to account for there actions. Then soon after Boris’ leadership collapsed and Chapps was out of a job. P&O were let off the hook and seemingly  up until now no real action has been taken. The message the Tories  have sent out on that matter is that it’s  basically  OK for firms to sack their workforces  and reinstate them with cheaper workers on temporary  contracts the following  day. Where is the deterent since it seems that P&O have done this. So despite all the posturing of Grant Chapps HD did nothing. Then he appeared again for a week in Truss’s comedy of errors. Then re-instated in another position by Sunak for 8 months and who can give me any examples of what he achieved there. No Sunak has made him minister for Defence. Unfortunately  the departing Minister was very good.

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