Brexit will not make Britain great again

Brexit will not make Britain great again as some people think that it might. The reality is that Britain is actually going backwards harking back or looking back nostalgically to the days of Empire and colonialism. Brexit was essentially a vote of the older generation. Brexit will not make Britain great again nor will it bring back Britain’s Empire or Colonial past for this older generation. We also have to ask if this ageing generation should have been allowed to have such an influence on future generations to come or was this a huge mistake?

Brexit will not make Britain great again nor will cure any of Britain’s illness nor will it change anything at all for the better in fact it is likely to actually make things much worse  Britain is now officially going backwards towards a time of Victorianism no wonder the likes of Rees Moog are behind the push to have Brexit at all costs. He sees this as an opportunity to reestablish the old order of Victorian values and exploitation of the working class in Britain. Britain should be wary of the likes of politicians like Rees Moog they are dangerous and backward thinking who hate the working class and will seek to repress them and erode their living conditions at every available opportunity. Rees Moog in particular is so obsessed with the Victorians that he is even writing a book about it which in itself speaks volumes.

Britain is condemning itself to a bleak future by putting so much faith in Brexit. Brexit is already showing us that it will be bad for Britain so why is the message that ‘Brexit will not make Britain great’ not being listened to by our politicians?

Brexit will prove to be a catastrophic failure for Britain and Brexit will not make Britain great again

Brexit will not make Britain great again nor will it bring back the British Empire nor will it solve the problems of the British Economy. Brexit will not make Britain great again it will actually make matters far worse because it fails to address the real issues facing Britain which relate to a dogmatic approach to our economic problems.

Britain now has no Empire and no colonies to fall back on instead all it has is isolationism and bigotry to build on. Britain will never be great again never never never. Brexit will not make Britain great again because it will bring about a failing economic future, high unemployment and higher rates of inflation in short an economic disaster. This is not scaremongering as the likes of the hard line Brexiteers like Rees Moog would like to have you believe no this is the stark reality and truth of the matter. There will be losers from Brexit and there will be a great many you just better hope and perhaps even pray that you are not among them. In fact everybody will feel the impact of Brexit in some way or another with increasing costs of the goods that you buy and can we really want further drops in our standards of living through these assaults on our income? In general Brexit will not make Britain great again but instead make us all worse off. Manufacturing will be reduced as our exports are curtailed to match the export markets that we don’t have with the rest of the world: yet another failed promise of the Leave Campaign. This will result in job losses throughout our economy and a huge recession. Well Britain & the British seem to love recessions. So we can thank our senior generation for all this I am sure that future generations will look back on this time in the history of Britain and realise what a huge mistake it was giving a backward thinking generation of bigots their opportunity to influence the economic health and well-being of future generations which condemned them to a life of misery and curtailed ambitions because what they have done is essentially creating a new lost generation of British youngsters. Brexit will not make Britain great it will be a disastrous economic experiment that will impact on many future generations to come. Brexit will be dooming these generations to a life of curtailed ambitions and impoverishment and Brexit will not make Britain great again.

Brexit will not make Britain great again instead it will lead to economic ruin

Brexit will not make Britain great again because it will lead to economic ruin. The British never learn from history it seems as we tend to put our faith in dogmatism rather than enlightenment. This fact favours the upper class bourgeoisie at the expense of the working class which it seeks to exploit and suppress . This is not Marxist it is just reality. It is essentially human nature or the worst expressions of our primitive self. Among the British it is amongst our worst traits. The upper class capitalist will exploit and seek to discredit this notion by referring to it as either Marxist or Communist which is to fail to understand it for what it actually is. It is in their interest to actively discredit it and obscure the truth because it protects their position and maintains their authority to rule and to legitimately continue to exploit the working classes. You may be affluent or like to consider yourself middle class, but the truth is that if you rely on a wage or salary and are employed to do the job and if you lost that job and have no other means to support yourself over a prolonged period then you are working class.

In truth the British have historically always liked someone to rule over them. The sad thing about all this adhesion to outdated dogma is that the British have never given anything else the opportunity to do a better job. All we have done is just moan about how bad things are whilst continuing to go round in the same circles. Outside of this circle but obscured from the myopic British public the answer possibly lies patiently in wait. The likes of the Tories don’t want you to know this nor do the forms of public censorship like many of the newspapers geared towards the audience and false representation of the working class which they falsely claim to represent the interests of. Remember that many of the newspapers are editorially constrained by the interests (financial and lucrative) of wealthy owners. To think they are representative of the views and interests of the working class people would be seriously misguided. They will give you games and entertainment but they will also seek to undermine working class cohesion and identity forcing you instead to compete with your neighbour rather than work with your neighbours. In fact many so called working class papers (tabloids) have sought to attack and devalue working class institutions that have traditionally helped to improve the living and working conditions for the working class and have helped to challenge the Victorian values of suppression and exploitation of the British working class.

In spite of my hatred and dislike of Margaret Thatcher I will give her credit for one thing; she knew her enemies weaknesses and she knew how to exploit these to her own personal advantage. She understood completely how bewilderingly easy it was to buy off the working classes  and make them sell out on their principles. She achieved this with policies such as allowing working classes to buy council houses from the local authorities or with the temptation of profiteering from buying public shares for those that could afford it no matter how briefly they managed to hang onto them. In reality few still own these shares selling them off at the first opportunity to garnish a profit from them The so called ‘Trickle Down  Effect’ should possibly have been renamed the ‘Trickle Back Effect’. The working classes in this respect are the authors of their own downfall failing to understand where their loyalties should be and the importance of sticking together.

Added to the fact that Thatcher in her attempts to eradicate socialism by buying off the working classes we have to examine in a broader sense why has Britain failed to adopt Socialism or at least a set of socialist economic principles that would work in Britain for the benefit of all. We are not taking about Communism, China or Russia here. We are talking about a common sense attitude towards our stable economic future and the well-being of  our Country and all it’s citizens. For examples of Socialism you should not  be thinking of either China or Russia. Neither China nor Russia are good examples of socialism in action. Instead they are dictatorships which has nothing to do with socialism.

Brexit will not make Britain great again because it fails to really address the underlying problems of the British

Brexit will not make Britain great again because it fails to understand or address the real mess that Britain has created for itself. Brexit will not make Britain great again because it fails to address the problems that the British have in failing to comprehend why we are in the mess that we are in. The failure of our economic policies and the continuing willingness to accept and perpetuate a dogmatic adherence to an outdated  failed and discredited system of economics has led us all up the garden path to the horrible place in which we now find ourselves. Britain finds itself at the very end of the garden path and can go no further. This economic system has led us nowhere at all and in the process has left us bankrupt and without the assets that we need to survive  Out of this desperation and frustration many have misguidedly put their faith in this hopeless Brexit process.

Neither Thatcherism nor Brexit will make Britain great again : instead what Britain needs is a new approach to economics

Brexit and Thatcherism have a close relationship. Margaret Thatcher believed that she could demand from Europe and for the most part she was anti European. They are also closely related because they related to ideas that some people have about the notions of a time when Britain was great. The British Public seems to gravitating towards both because it has misplaced belief that either of these 2 might hold the key to make Britain great again. However Britain was never great under Thatcherism and in fact it was a damned right miserable place and this can be traced back to the time when Britain started to go backwards. The rot really set in under Thatcherism. Pre our place in the EU Britain had an Empire and colonialism this pretty much made the rest of world miserable being under British rule and exploitation. The way Brexit and Thatcherism are related is that Thatcherism nor Brexit will not make Britain great again. Days of Empire are over and hopefully too we will never see the like of a Prime Minister like Thatcher again. 

Socialist style economics would make Britain great again

Socialism is about fairness for all where all benefit from the resources of the Country not just the few. Margaret Thatcher sold all these assets and put them into private ownership which was a move to rob the many for the benefit of the few. This needs to be reversed to address the bankruptcy of assets that Britain subsequently experienced. Thatcherism has never been held to account for the damage it has done to this Country. This system of stupidly has not yet been reversed. Britain still limps on year after year asset impoverished, ravaged and let down by successive governments that lack both vision and ambition for our country. Britain will always be doomed to be this poorper, dressed in charity shop rags recycling what remains of it’s belongings through the pawnbrokers just to borrow enough money in order simply to survive. Unable to generate income to fund it’s best institutions like the NHS and forced to raise the revenue it needs to limp on by high levels of taxation this is the bleak and never ending cycle for Britain. Yet while those that benefit from this system are in power the true solution to end this cycle of desperation and indignity will always be discredited and overlooked. Well the British it seems are their very own worst enemy allowing this old dogma to go round and round in a seemingly endless cycle whilst the solution lies under their noses. Brexit will not make Britain great because it is a reprise in the belief that we can reestablish some form of colonialism again on the World. It is essentially an old and outdated dogmatism that will do nothing for this Country and its citizens beside bring misery and economic ruin. To make Britain truly great again we need to look outside the box for a solution that has been hidden and discredited by those that have a vested interest to prevent us finding the solutions to the real problems of Britain.

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