The next General Election in Britain will be a second referendum about Brexit. Unfortunately Jeremy Corbyn has an idealistic vision that the British people will want a second referendum following the election of a Labour government. This will never happen in the way that he envisages because there is no appetite for a second referendum. Instead the British people will use the next General Election as an opinion poll to decide the matter of leave or remain once and for all. Labour should be careful otherwise it might will miss both an opportunity to get elected and the opportunity to do something positive about Brexit at the moment it seems to be out of step with public opinion and offering either a confusing message to voters or the prospect of a long drawn out process neither of which will appeal to voters.  The second referendum will be the next general election not at some point afterwards as envisaged by Jeremy Corbyn. Labour should decide now whether they will be a party of remain or leave. There is no second chance here. The whole Brexit process has dragged on too long and people want to see an end to the debate. They will use the next general election to do this. They are fed up with negotiations which have amounted to nothing except interminable debate. People will not trust Labour to do any better than the Tories in this respect and are afraid that this thing will just go on and on.