Is Prigozhin an absolute idiot?

Is Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigohzin an idiot? Well it seems so. Anyone who puts their faith in the word of Putin must be an idiot. Instead it seems that this man has signed his own death warrant. If he thinks he will be safe in Belarussia he must be an idiot. His army is being disbanded and this leaves him vulnerable. He has embarrassed  Putin and everyone  sane knows what that means. A dose of poison is sure coming his way. He surely  would have done much better to carry on with his plan to bring Putin down. Now he will be left looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. No other countries  outside of Russia would offer this notorious war criminal any sanctuary. Now all he can do is wait for his fate.

Updated 31/08/2023

Prigozhin has now been confirmed  dead. Prigozhin was a fool. Prigozhin was a chump. Prigozhin set in motion a course of events that ultimately  led to his death because he lacked the nerve to see them through to the bitter end. By challenging the authority of the Kremlin and then backing down or being talked out of it he had ultimately  put a death sentence on his head.

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