NATO has let people down because of it’s inability to get involved

It seems the role of NATO has been to look the other way, first in Syria, ignoring Putin’s crimes, then in the Crimea and now in the heart of the Ukraine. NATO’s attitude of only protecting it’s  members has proved to be it’s  inherent weakness which has been openly exploited by Putin. To some degree you could also argue that NATO  has been complicit in the suffering and deaths of many throughout  the world in recent times although Russia and Putin has been the main perpetrator and aggressor.

The situation can be traced back to the situation  in Syria when NATO failed to get involved and sort Assad out. Instead it let Assad seek a powerful ally of Putin and with Russia’s help the subsequent  devastating consequences upon a certain section of the Syrian population is well documented. The same situation prevailed in the Crimea. Again NATO was unable to get involved and became a bystander  just sitting on the fence. Now with what is unrolling in the Ukraine we are witnessing much of the same. Again this situation  and reliance upon the same stoic response from NATO has again allowed Putin to unleash the might of his war machine and the make his plans and fulfill his designs.

My argument is that NATO  is no longer fit for purpose because it only serves it’s  own interests. NATO  is no longer interested in serving humanity in it’s  hour of need but instead of protecting  only it’s  own interests whilst it allows aggressors to go about their business unchecked. The NATO  moto should  be, as long as it’s  not happening on our doorstep then it obviously doesn’t  concern us. Putin knows and understands  NATO ‘s stance and has found to his advantage  that it serves him well. Again NATO  are culpable  in complacency. Increasingly  though NATO  are looking shamed and disgraced.

One reason for this is that there appears to be no strong leadership taking place in NATO. Strong leadership is much needed as well as people who can understand  what is actually  taking place and is willing to take tough decisions to challenge the actions  of unhinged aggressors like Putin. Tough decisions have consequences such as entering a new Cold War situation  with Russia and actually  standing up to them. Tough decisions yes but increasingly  these decisions are evidently  becoming more and more necessary to protect the vulnerable in the World and stand up to aggressors like Putin.

Amassing an Army against Putin is the next and only logical step to address the unacceptable  behaviour  of those who have no regard for the sanctity of freedom, humanity and truth. We can’t  afford to let Putin’s lies to win in Ukraine. We cannot afford to abandon the innocent good people of Ukraine and leave them at the mercy of this tyrant . NATO needs to get more involves in World  affairs and not just protect the interests  of it’s  members. Putin is an insidious mind that will look for and exploit any complacency. It’s  time for NATO  to make choices about it’s  ethos and reason d’ etre. Trying to protect the interests of the few is letting down the needs of humanity and of the many.

NATO  has considerable force it can bring to bear in the argument. A bully that Putin is against a poorly defended country may be brought into check and obviously  a long stalemate if he meets a force that his easily his equal. Putin is by all accounts already  creeping towards central Europe possibly eyeing up other countries not on NATO ‘s radar as a beneficiary  worthy of their support.

Surely  NATO also has a duty to protect humanity and those who are weaker and vulnerable from aggressors like Putin.


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