NATO it’s time to draw a line

Surely with the possible threat of chemical weapons it’s  time for NATO to say when enough is enough from Putin. Surely  there becomes a point when NATO says cross this line and we will get involved and deal with you. Surely  we don’t want a repeat of what happened in Aleppo In Syria. Surely  there comes a point when NATO has to get involved and defend what is right and good and do the right thing in the name of humanity.

NATO’s weakness has been that it has become complacent and tolerant and unwilling to challenge. These are all qualities that have played into Putin’s  hands. There has been a failure and weakness from NATO to make boundaries to reign Putin in. Putin has exploited every weakness of NATO and it’s  club mentality. How much can NATO  blind itself to? NATO  it’s  time to draw a line now. Time to give an ultimatum and say cross this line Putin and you will have NATO to face as a potential  enemy. Surely that line must be the use of chemical weapons. Surely that would be enough and if not then why not? Already NATO has Syria  on it’s  conscience and if not then it should  have.

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