NATO must stand up and say ‘ I am Zelensky, I am Spartacus ‘

NATO the world is waiting to hear your response. Do not let any more be slaughtered in the name of Russia. As in World  War 2, Hitler had to be brought to account: so too must Putin. NATO must stand up and say ‘ I am Zelensky’. NATO must not make the mistakes  of Syria and Georgia or forever  be held accountable because  of complacency. NATO must hold a serious challenge  to the excessive regardless murdering of Putin’s Russian  Army. NATO is already accountable to some extent by not challenging  Putin’s  actions many years ago, which have become increasingly outragous as he has grown in the confidence  that NATO will just look the other way and shy away from getting involved and challenging him directly. It’s  time for NATO  to correct these misjudgements and mistakes. This is the time to stand up and say, ‘ I am Zelensky’. NATO must shed the apathy and complacency even if this means electing a new leader then it must do it now and quickly before more people die at the hands of the murderous and cowardly Russian  Troops.


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