Parliament is doing a great job protecting the interests of the UK

Parliament seems to be getting a lot of bad press at the moment however it should be noted that it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. Parliament is doing a great job protecting the interests of the UK from a irresponsible and reckless Prime Minister: Boris Johnson. It is also protecting us from the irresponsible majority that voted to leave the EU and it is ultimately protecting us from the worst outcomes of all of this by attempting to prevent a ‘No Deal Brexit’. Parliament should be applauded for all this but instead it is being chastised and criticised whilst becoming the target for the British right wing press.

Parliament is protecting the UK by not allowing a childish megalomaniac to control the show and get his own way. I have already mentioned that I believe the Tories actually have a secret Brexit agenda whereby a ‘No Deal Brexit’, leaving without any deal at all would actually suit them best. It appears that this policy actually suits them best because it is my belief that this irresponsible and reckless Prime Minister and the vultures that sit next to him on the benches of the House of Commons are pursuing a strategy to bring about a low wage economy in Britain. This, I believe is their ultimate goal.

Brexit largely appealed to right wing racists or the old colonialistsĀ 

I am sick and tired of seeing an endless stream of right wing racists or covert racists expressing their right wing beliefs and opinions through the vehicle of Brexit. Unfortunately we also have to put up with them appearing in interviews conducted by the media. These are largely the kinds of people that are often even too stupid to even be able to recognise their own racist views and right wing alliances. These are the types of people that say things like, ‘I am not racist but’,.Incredibly these people actually believe that the first statement marks them out as non racist when in realoity is is a surefire indicator of the fact that they do hold racist opinions. They believe that qualifying or substantiating the first part of their comment with ‘but’ then allows them to make a racist remark or statement with impunity. One I hear very often is, ‘I am not racist but I don’t like getting these black taxi drivers’. These remarks are covertly racist and unfortunately even the kinds of people who use them may not entirely be aware that they are making racist remarks or that they are endorsing and spreading racism. The same could be true of the Brexit. Cameron helped unleash the rise of the right wing or maybe it was just there all the time, just hidden under the surface. what he did was to offer it a platform and allowed it to flourish. Cameron completely underestimated how endemically right wing and racist that the British population actually is. To the detriment and shame of Britain it now appears that the majority of British people hold some kind of racist beliefs and the support for the right wing sentiments in Britain are on the rise. In particular the older generation are endemically racist or simply nostalgic with rose tinted glasses always looking backwards upon the days of Britain’s past. God knows why though because the population was poorer especially in the years immediately post war. Then looking further back what in God’s sake was there to admire about the Victorian or Edwardian periods of British history? Times move on and the world outside the EU is very different to the colonial past which Britain exploited with enthusiasm and vigour and from which it drew so much of it’s wealth. Those days will not come back and the most likely scenario is that post Brexit Britain will likely become nothing more than a low wage and 3rd World Economy. It annoys me that so many British people cannot see this happening right under their own noses.

The Tories see Brexit now as an opportunity to develop Britain as a low wage, ‘sweat-shop’ economy

With Brexit the Tories see opportunity and the rise of Thatcherist principles and Adam Smith style capitalism. To run this effectively they need a broken Britain and a weak economy. They will use it to erode working conditions and to scrap the minimum wage. High levels of unemployment and an unstable economic conditions will enable them to do this and a no deal Brexit is the ideal start. This is why the Tories are really unconcerned about a no deal Brexit because it better suits their plans. Brexit is now being promoted and pushed by those whose intentions it is to exploit the working classes. Brexit will make a mug of working people and this is where the greatest impacts of a ‘No deal Brexit’ will be felt most.

The Butcher, the Baker ,the Candlestick Maker everyone has an opinion about Brexit

All you see on the TV is a constant stream of people who falsely believe that they will not be effected as a result of a ‘No Deal Brexit’. Often they are just too stupid to have any grasp at all of the matter. These opinionated people have no platform in economics or any understanding at all about such matters. Many are retired, many are sole traders with no business interests outside of their own immediate community or streets. They have no imagination at all that might allow them to look at the potential consequences of Brexit and yet they seem to openly support leaving the EU when asked. These people seemingly have no potential to think about matters outside their own parochial boundaries. What is the point in asking a local butcher for example about his opinions about Brexit and about where he/she stands in relation to to questions of leaving the EU without a deal. This type of person has no understanding about what this means and unfortunately it is this kind of person who is in support of the current strategy of this irresponsible and reckless PM. This type of person has not considered imports and exports and how these may beĀ  effected, no, instead, all they know is that for them life will not change if we leave without a deal because he or she is simply a sole trader with no import export commitments. They will continue to get their meat from one source or another and people and customers will no doubt still want to buy it to put it on their tables at mealtimes. The impact of having a’ No Deal Brexit’ will most likely not fall initially on these individuals (the Sole Traders) but instead will be felt across communities as business in general is effected particularly the types of businesses with import /export commitments.. Then these effects will then be passed on to the individual or sole trade through contraction of their business and falling profits. As communities get worse off then so does each individual in those communities suffer as well. Sole traders and the old and retired will have no immunity from the consequences of a no deal Brexit. This particular Butcher and other sole traders like him have seemingly failed to take account of the demographic that they operate in and that they are only there , where they are through the investment of their own customers in their businesses, Sole traders in particular only do well when others who buy services and products from them are also doing well. With a ‘No Deal Brexit’ all that is likely to change very rapidly. This is just one example of the lack of understanding that surrounds the issues of leaving the EU without a deal. In this example the hypothetical butcher has not considered the wider community into which he sells which may be only a few streets or a village or a town. With a ‘No Deal Brexit’ the effect of which is going to effect all parts of the UK including areas where sole traders are promoting their services.

The rise of the right wing and the expression of racist viewpoints is largely attributable to social media and Facebook in particular

Note- this Post is currently unfinished. It will go on to examine the role of Facebook and other Social Media as a Platform for Racist viewpoints and extreme Right Wing sentiments.


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