So politicians can say what they like to mislead the public? Well according to the judges they obviously can

So we have a position whereby a politician can say anything they like to the public without accountability and without having to substantiate their claims. So are politicians unaccountable for the claims they make? Well according to our judicial system it would appear that they can with complete impunity. So what is to stop our politicians telling us anything they like even if they cannot substantiate their claims. This new ruling just opens the floodgate for any politicians who wants to make a power grab through overinflated and ridiculous manipulation of the truth. It casts a shadow over serious politics and political integrity. It says that anyone can mislead or mis-sell to the public without having to substantiate. Politics already has a bad reputation but now it can go much further without the need to be accountable any longer. Politicians can tell us all anything because the courts are unwilling to intervene because they don’t think it is in the public interest to intervene. If you thought that politics was pointless well it sure is now. If you thought that you couldn’t trust a politician well you surely can’t now. If you thought that politics was dishonest then just wait and see what happens next. Politicians now have a license to mislead the public by making outrageous claims which they no longer need to be to substantiate. Thus politics has been rendered completely meaningless and holding public office has has also been rendered meaningless by the same token. Public servants no longer have to serve the public but can instead just serve themselves.

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