Sunak shows ignorance regarding Socialist Economics.

Rushi Sunak showed his ignorance regarding Socialist  Economics by referring to it as ‘something for nothing Economics’. In contrast Socialist Economics is about giving people back what they already own or should own. Socialist  Economics  is about using principle and essential  services and utilities to generate wealth for the good of the nation. It is about giving back and the proper and fair redistribution  of wealth: something that the Tories are ignorant of.

Proper ownership  of essential  services to generate wealth for the nation avoids the mess that we are currently  in. In spite of the dawning reality that this really is a way forward and out of the mess that the country is now in, the Tories continue to support an economic system that is outdated and is not working. The current situation of shareholding and profiteering means that the income and profits that these essential  services and utilities is generating profits for a tiny few wealthy people and investors, many who live outside the UK. This is money that could be used to drop tax burdens  and to fund the NHS etc. These organizations  generate profit which could be redistributed  fairly and for the good of the whole nation. That is not something for nothing Economics  Mr Sunak: it’s  common sense Economics.

We are currently witnessing huge profiteering and opportunism by the energy providers in the UK. This has gone under the guise of passing on costs to the consumer. However this matter has not been  properly  investigated, claimed costs are shrouded in mystery and the true facts are being obscured from public scrutiny.  There seems to be elements of opportunistic profit making going as well under the pretences that they are costs. The true facts have been hidden from the consumers. Government watchdogs lack any control over these organizations  and regulation through competition has shown not to be working and there is even possibilities  of price fixing and cartels.  This situation would simply not happen if these utilities  were under public ownership as they should be. Also instead of huge profits going to shareholders instead these huge profits could be used to keep costs to consumers down and cushion the price rises for the basic products  as we are being told that this is the reason for the huge hike in costs.

There is simply  no precedent for these companies  to be in private ownership. All these industries  were  started, developed and funded by the public. These services and utilities  were developed for service and utility to the public. Railways and utilities should still be under public ownership. The public have been robbed and conned by previous Conservative  Administrations that ran down these services and falsely claimed that they were unprofitable  and a tax burden to the public : instead of showing  that they could in fact be an asset to public finances. Strange how all these organizations all turn in massive profits year in year out, for their shareholders. Thatcherism conned and duped the public claiming that these organizations were unprofitable. Thatcher lied to us all. Thatcherism is coming to a bitter and deserved end now and we are still paying a huge costs for the mistakes and lies of Thatcherism. Unfortunately  the economic principles of Thatcherism still haven’t been reversed in the UK. These principles are still to blame now for the UK’s current predicament. The Tories  have no answer for the current crisis. They’ll  elect a new leader but none of them will be able to fix this problem because they are unwilling to challenge  current  economic principles which still date back to Thatcherism. The Tories have  their hands tied behind  their backs and are powerless to really change anything at all.

It is getting clearer that Britain  needs a huge makeover of it economic system and economic principles. It’s  getting increasingly  clearer that the Tories are simply  not up to these challenges because they are mired in there own dogma and legacies. Britain  now needs a new economic  system and that system is Socialist style Economics. Under the Tories Britain  is bankrupt both in fiscal terms and in ideology. Unable to generate public finances and having no other means that to heap on fuel levees and by increasing taxation. Socialism Economics generates income for public finances in a way that the Tories simply  cannot. So Mr Sunak your implications that something for nothing is Socialist Economics is misplaced and ignorant.

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