Brexit is dead in the water and staying in the EU is now the most popular option

Brexit is dead in the water and staying in the EU is now the most popular option amongst the British People. How do I know this because if you check out the House of Commons Petition Site@ Petitions-UK Government you will see that the amount of people actually signing the petition to abandon Article 50 and remain in the EU is far more popular than the petitions requesting to Leave the EU without a Deal and another to honour the Referendum Result. The Petition to stay in the EU and abandon Brexit is actually 9x higher in popularity than its closest rival. This should put away any doubt that the meagre 3.8% majority in favour of leaving the EU actually exists any longer because it does not. It has long gone now that the realities of leaving the EU are coming home.

The British Prime Minister is unable to correctly determine the ‘Will of the British People’ when it comes to Brexit

Yet despite all this happening right under Theresa May’s nose on the Government’s own website, this Prime Minister is still unable to correctly judge the current ‘Will of the People’ in relation to Brexit. Instead she remains cloth-eared and living in the past and unable to keep in touch with the ‘Will of the People’. She is currently out of step with public opinion about Brexit and remains steadfast and arrogant that she has to complete a task set for her over 2 years ago. This is an example of how inflexible she is. It is now just an example of extreme dogmatism and of the stupidity of taking things too far. She is showing that she is not capable of carrying on  as the Prime Minister because she cannot make informed judgements based on current facts. She  is demonstrating that she is unresponsive and out of touch and unable to change her mindset to adapt to current changes in public opinion. Theresa May now needs to go because she is damaging the Country and putting our Economy in jeopardy and tarnishing our reputation in the world! She is still steering our course towards the now unpopular and discredited Brexit option when the majority of British people now actually want to stay in the EU.

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