Class War in Britain is still very much relevant and more so since 2018 since the divide between rich and poor is increasing. Recent Austerity Measures are hitting the poorest in British Society. Popularity for socialist economics is gaining momentum and rising again. Despite attempts by the tabloid newspapers and the Tories to persuade us that we no longer have a Class System in Britain and that Class War no longer exists. It is becoming increasingly obvious that conditions for the poorest in society now resemble those of the 1870’s Victorian period. There is now a much more obvious class division and much to be gained in Class Warfare. People of Britain are now finally beginning to understand that we live in a Class System and perhaps the only way to improve matters is to recognise our place in that Class System to make a stronger group identity to bring about changes. Despite this some newspapers and those in power still attempt to erode; class identity, and to attack and deride the institutions that brought about improvements for the working classes. This is in an attempt to divide and weaken class identity. Despite this in some sectors there is a growing recognition that things need to change. Interesting the Labour Party have moved away from Blairism and back towards a more Socialist Agenda. Also the current ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ is likely to increase the divisions in British Society along the fault lines between richest and poorest.