Britain faces a ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ previously unwitnessed in Living memory. The cost of fuel and energy is driving Inflation. Greedy Energy Providers are the main cause of higher and higher levels of Inflation. This ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ cannot be adequately tackled by the Tories Economic Policies. The the only way it can be tackled is by taking the Energy Providers in the UK back into public ownership by re-nationalisation. Taking the Energy Providers back into Public ownership or putting them out of business by introducing a Government Owned Energy Provider into the market competition are the only way in which we can tackle this ‘ Cost of Living Crisis’. The Tories cannot bring themselves to do this so are powerless and weak. The Tories cannot find or agree upon any other strategy other than those which lead to higher Interest Rates and subsequent ckntraction of our economy bordering on recession and Austerity Measures. Only a government with an agenda for proper economic change can do whst is needed and tackle the source of Britain’s Inflation being driven by our privately owned Energy Provision. Only a government prepared to take on the Energy Providers in the UK has the power to deal with this ‘Cost of Living Crisis’.
I present here a series of posts dealing with how to tackle the Cost of Living Crisis.