Kier Starmer is the chameleon without any convictions, he even praises Margaret Thatcher

Kier Starmer is a chameleon without  any convictions. He throws away any pretences of being a real Labour Party Leader by singing the praises of Margaret  Thatcher. Did we need any more proof now that this man is a traitor  to the Labour Party?

Starmer has dropped every pledge that he made before he became the Labour Party leader

Kier Starmer is the man that cannot be trusted. He has dropped every pledge that he ever made to become the Leader of the Labour Party. STARMER’S ATTITUDE IS SIMPLY SELF SERVING IN THE SAME WAY THAT BORIS JOHNSON’S, AND TONY BLAIR’S WERE. SPURRED ON BY THEIR OWN VANITY TO ACTUALLY BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER AT ANY COST.  Starmer will say and do anything to become Prime Minsister. He is a shapeshifter, a chameleon who wants to say the right thing at the right time to serve his own purposes and then he will cast them off again soon after just as easily. He lacks conviction  and can quickly disassociate himself from thise committments that he made. Starmer is a slippery politician who basically cannot be trusted because he is motivated solely by self promotion. At first I found this difficult to see and accept but now it is apparent. It’s  clear that Kier Starmer has no real convictions left because he has ditched them all along the way after being of use to him. in order to get the position of Labour Party Leader he appeased the left with pledges and assurrances that he would carry forward the key socialist principles of the Labour Movement resurrected by Jeremy Corbyn, but he has since ditched all these pledges and seems to have gravitated towards the resurrection of Blair’s ‘New Labour’ by bringing back into the cabinet many of Tony Blair’s old allies. Now not even content to pushing the Labour Movement back towards the bad old days of Blairism he wants to even appeal to the followers of Margaret Thatcher suggesting that she had some great qualities.

So how far has Labour actually swung to the right when it’s Leader is praising the work of Margaret Thatcher?

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Kier Starmer’s just wishful thinking

Take one thing away from the latest  Labour  Party Conference and that is Kier Starmer is basing his election Manifesto on wishful thinking. Labour has dropped all pretences of renationalising the key industries and has instead turned it’s  favours towards businesses  and market forces. Again distancing  itself from it’s  key Labour Values of re-nationalisation it moves closer and closer to the policies and ambitions of Tony Blair. In fact Starmer actually celebrated  Blair in his speech. So now we have a Labour Party again bereft of real ambition and purpose, which is prepared to easily throw away or disregard key Labour Party Values.

Starmer had no real need to go to these lengths to moderate the Party or re-assign Blairite values because the Tories, and to some extent the SNP, have been handing Labour a victory at the next General Election on a plate. Starmer is a very  nervous and over  cautious leader who is influenced  too much by public opinion and thiz has rubbed off on the Labour Party  as a whole. There was never any need to deviate again from core Labour party values that Corbyn had re-established and certainly no need for self introspection and self-loathing that occurred after the last General Election defeat.  The last Election was lost on a single issue of who was going to get rid of Brexit quickest and put the whole thing to bed. Nobody really looked at policies beyond that. It was a single issue election with no-one taking any interest in who had the best policies. Then we come to the next election which the Tories are simply gifting to Labour. Starmer is too nervous and too cautious but also has a profound vanity and desire to be a Prime Minister with or without values and purpose. He has turned the Labour Party into a gibbering wreck without a moral compass. He is dropping Labour Party Values and key policies continually and has been withholding ideas of it’s direction from the Party Membership. He is deliberately vague in order to disguise his true purpose. He has been harbouring a Blairist attitude and steering the Party towards a Blairist destination all along.  He has withheld his true intentions from the Party membership whilst seeking to cash in on the increased level of support for key Labour Party Values that  Corbyn had brought back to the Party. Do not forget that he was supportive of Corbyn’s policies whilst acting as Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

Starmer’s  vision of Labour in government is bereft of any ambitions as he aligns the Party with Tony Blair again

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‘A Changed Labour Party’ pursueing Electoral Credibility but at what cost to policies?

‘A Changed Labour Party’ as Kier Starmer likes to call it, pursueing electoral credibility but at what cost to policies? Sir Kier Starmer keeps dropping in phrases about the Labour Party’s  electoral  credibility but what is unclear about his focus on this issue is the cost to the Labour  Party’s policies  and ambitions.

The last time we saw ‘A changed Labour Party’ was that of Tony Blair: and what a disaster that was

The last time we saw ‘A Changed Labour Party’ was that of Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’: and what a disaster that was. So is Starmer wanting to take Labour back to the uninspiring and instantly forgettable Tony Blair years? Well on the face of it it would appear to be so. So even though the Tories are gifting the next General Election to Labour, nervous Starmer still seems intent on watering the Labour Party policies down to worthlessness.

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