There is clearly a case for a second Brexit referendum to be made. Firstly because of the misinformation provided by the Leave Campaign in the first place where facts and figures were twisted to make a greater case. The next reason is because the vote tally should have been adjusted to account for the proportion of British Society that were simply casting a vote promoting their racist views. In order to this an estimation actual percentage of British People who are deemed to hold racist views should have been allowed for and this proportion then removed from the final tally. I think by now we have already eliminated the slim 3.8% majority that favoured Leave.

The more recent facts that have come into view cast great doubt on the validity of the Leave Campaign’s claims about what would be in Britain’s best interests. It is now much clearer that the UK’s economy will suffer as a result of Brexit. In particular a no deal Brexit would be disastrous for Britain. The case for a second Brexit referendum is strong and getting stronger through the more information that we have. The Conservatives are adamantly chartering a course that will bring about economic uncertainty. They have shortlisted 2 candidates for the role of Prime Minister who are both willing to take a gamble on the economic well-being of Britain by suggesting that they may be willing to leave the EU without a deal. A no deal Brexit would be disastrous for Britain and may wreck the lives of many ordinary British people. The Tories seem willing to gamble with the livelihoods of British people regardless of the potential for disaster. By fielding 2 candidates with the same agenda the course will be laid out from which there seems no way to avert the disaster that lies ahead in waiting. The Tories have not offered a candidate for the role of Prime Minister that has an alternative other than to plough ahead regardless of the consequences by threatening a no deal scenario as the final outcome. There is no no one in the current government or Tory Party that is willing to offer or consider offering the alternative choice of a second Brexit referendum.

Even Labour have been dragging their feet over the issue. Despite the facts it is clear that there has been a swing towards Remain reflected in recent voting in the EU parliamentary elections. It is very clear that the time is now to be thinking about offering a second Brexit referendum before its too late. The irresponsible gamble of the Tories must be stopped.