The Conservatives have managed to tie themselves into a knot by fielding 2 remaining candidates with identical strategies regarding Brexit. In order to get a ‘Quick fix Brexit’ in the hope of putting a stop to the continuing embarrassment they have only 2 candidates left in the Conservative Party Leadership Contest and neither of these have the right temperament to be Prime Minister. Both of the remaining 2 candidates seem determined to lead the country into a disastrous no deal scenario not for the good of the country but in order to satisfy hard line members of the Conservative Party. There is no alternative solution on the table. In the Conservative Party Leadership Contest there now remains only now 2 candidates. The lack lustre race to be the next Leader of the Conservative Party is now drawing to a close. Thus far the battle to be the next Prime Minister has been quite uninspiring which has only gone to show that there is very little real talent in the Conservative Party. This is further demonstrated by what remains after the first few rounds of the contest. We have been left with a poor choice of either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt.

In the Conservative Party Leadership Contest there seems to have been a great deal of support and momentum for Boris Johnson so far. However Boris Johnson seems to be offering a confusing, unclear strategy for dealing with the Brexit issue. One suspects that it is more about getting a big personality in place rather than examining the prospective policies of each candidate. There seems to have been a push of right wing Conservative values that is seemingly giving Boris Johnson’s campaign more momentum whilst on the real issues that matter Boris Johnson seems to be lacking detail. His plans remain vague and confusing bordering on arrogant. He seems to be under the impression that he could bully the EU into accepting a set of ridiculous and unreasonable demands. The sad thing is that this attitude has a considerable amount of support in Conservative Party at the moment to the detriment of having a responsible attitude to governing the country for the best interests of the country and to safeguard it’s citizens. One suspects that they are hoping for a quick fix, Bodge job Brexit in order to escape the ridicule that they rightly deserve. The Tories are not fit to lead this country because they are willing to take a massive gamble with the livelihoods of ordinary citizens.

Here are some posts reflecting some of my thoughts on the matter.