Bring the Railways back into Public Ownership

Let’s bring the Railways back into public ownership. Let’s all benefit from the railways. Let’s run the Railways properly in the UK. Let’s bring the Railways back under Public Ownership. Let’s get a petition to lobby the government. Bring the Railways back into public ownership. Let’s  get the Railways working for Britain  to meet the challenges of net zero. We need the Railways  to be more affordable  and more accessible to the majority  of UK  citizens. It has to be used more as the primary  means of transport  in the UK  to reduce pollution  from our roads. It is important that the Railways  are publicly owned  to generate a source of income for UK governments  to invest in the infrastructure  of the UK instead of passing on profits to a few shareholders. This income from the Railways could benefit  the NHS and Council Services throughout  the UK. It is imperative  and important  that the Railways are  brought back into public ownership.

What about Water? Are you fed up with the mismanagement of this fundamentally important resource. Are you sick of the pollution of our beaches and waterways at the hands of these greedy private companies. Would you also like to see Water brought back into public ownership? If so please follow this link to sign my petition calling for Water to brought back into public ownership