Netanyahu running rings round Biden and Sunak

Isreal’s President Benjamin  Netanyahu is running rings around President Biden and PM Rishii Sunak. The Isreali’s attack on the Iranian Embassy in Syria was a calculated  move to draw America into reinforcing American  and British support for Isreal at a time when questions about such unquestioning support was under the spotlight.

Netanyahu is making Biden and Sunak look like amateurs

It appears that questions  over Isreal’s  conduct in and towards Gazza has been relegated despite the evidence that Isreal’s  conduct has fallen short of expected standards and despite the fact that inhabitants  of Gazza are still struggling  to obtain enough food and water, and despite Isreal still not allowing  enough food  and aid into Gazza.

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Time to call Netanyahu out and withdraw support for Isreal

We cannot  tolerate Netanyahu  and the IDF to keep killing our aid workers and innocent civilians in Gazza. The World shouldn’t  tolerate this behaviour  and these excuses from Isreal. The Isrealis cannot investigate  themselves because nothing ever comes of that. There is always a feeble excuse and a cover up. Nobody in the IDF  is ever made accountable for these war crimes. There is a need for another impartial body to investigate  these war crimes of Isreal instead of Isreal investigating it’s  own war crimes. Time to hold Isreal to account now. Time to shift the investigations to a agency that will not cover things up as the Isrealis and the IDF are doing now. And to add insult to injury Netanyahu  was even smiling and smirking when asked  about the killing of these Aid Workers from the food agency WCK. There is no excuse for these losses there is no justification  for the murder of women and children. Time for the world to withdraw funding and support for Netanyahu  and his regime.

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