Britain needs Socialism now more than ever before

Tory policies have caused Britain  to run aground. Thatcherite policies and values have now backed Britain  into a cul-de-sac. There is no route forward any longer and therefore  no reason to cling to the values of Thatcherism. Britain  has no income and longer is is also bankrupt of ideas. Now the only course of action available to the Tories  is to raise levels of government  income from  taxation. This was inevitable  as a result of privatisation  of Britain’s  assets. Recent Tory  governments  have relied upon borrowing  as a way of shoring up the facade that everything  was under control. Then along came Liz Truss who tore down the mirrors to reveal the true horror  show that the Tories  had created. Truss even managed to make matters worse and that takes some doing.

No level of tinkering about by Jeremy  Hunt will make matters any better. He is about to reveal a new level of taxation and unleash  that on the British  Public. Taxes taxes and more taxes. As if the public weren’t  already struggling  with higher interests rates and mortgage  repayments. As if they weren’t  already  struggling  with paying the price Hikes in energy  costs and the subsequent  inflationary prices. It seems that at every new announcement or misguided policy or budget that the Tories impose on us, that matters actually  get worse and worse.

It comes as no surprise that the Tories  are viewing tax rises as their only option

Entering a General Election year we see a small drop in level of taxation by the Tories but this is only an election sweetner likely to be taken back again if the Tories are re-elected.  In actual fact to avoid swathing cuts to public services in the future a level of highr taxation is needed. despite this reality Jeremy Hunt has seen fit to make small giveaway but if this isn’t reversed then will come the cuts to public services. The Tories  have run out of ideas. Thatcherism  has run it’s  course and now it’s  run out of steam. Trickle down economics is mis-trusted. WFrom water companies to Railways and Energy companies Thatcherism has been discredited mainly because of the greed of shareholders and bosses out to make fast big bucks for shareholders. These companies are all in trouble or selling their products at highly inflated prices all to the detriment of Britain and it’s infrastructure. Thatcherism was evaporation economics based on greed. Thatcher promised improved services but that never materialised. However Thatcherite  values still prevailed in the values of the Conservative  Party right up to the present day. Thatcherism is still evident everywhere in Britain even after 40 years and all political parties have to share some of the blame. The Railways, Electricity, Gas and Water still remain mostly in private sector. This is due in part to Blair who led the country  and the Labour Party up the garden path. Blair remains a traitor to the Labour Party. An experiment in middle of the road politics that spawned a monster. Blair’s Labour Party did nothing to reverse the excesses of Thatcher and Major. By doing nothing it seemed to endorse them. Blair’s  legacy was complete failure and is a period best forgotten  by the Labour Party.

Britain  needs socialism now to turn round our economy and open up new avenues to prosperity

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