Privatisations of our Energy, Rail and Water Services have been a catastrophic and conclusive disaster leading to poor services and inflated costs to consumers. All these services could work to benefit the British Economy and all it’s citizens if allowed to make a fiscal contribution to the UK’s Economy. To do these they would need to be taken out of the control of greedy shareholders and re-nationalised. Profits from these services could help lower taxation in Britain providing extra funds for NHS and other public services. At the moment these profits are being leached off to shareholders and bosses .Privatisations have only resulted in: a poor deal for consumers, confusing price structures, increased tariffs to satisfy the needs of greedy shareholders, lack of direct investment & an increase in strategic investment (sidelining investment to expand a brand which does not necessarily benefit the core business but instead directs funds away from the core business into sideline investments), and general level of consumer dissatisfaction.