It is now imperative to re-nationalise the utilities to deal with Inflation and the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’. Inflation is being driven by the energy companies so it’s time to deal with them by taking them back into public ownership, where they will be serving the British people and not exploiting them. Obviously the Tories are unwilling to do this and our next Prime Minister is deluded if she believes that anything less than nationalising the energy providers will work to deal with Inflation and the ‘ Cost of Living Crisis’. Liz Truss may have the top job but her Tory mindset will be her downfall and a constant blindspot to dealing with these issues. The Tories are now the real obstacle to dealing with Inflation and the ‘ Cost of Living Crisis’. The Tories have to go and re- nationalising the utilities must now happen.

Price Cap: My Arse

August 25, 2022 jumb0Dufus2 0

There is no EnergyPrice Cap. No meaningful intervention  and no controls and certainly  no regulating body. Price Cap: my Arse. Energy  companies  and utilities are […]

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