Boris Johnson is currently the Prime Minister of the UK and the leader of the Conservative Party. Yes it is hard to believe really. Boris Johnson and the Conservative  Party was elected on an agenda of so called ‘levelling up  and Let’s get Brexit done’ both of which topics had popularist appeal at the last General Election in the UK. Here I present a series of posts examining Boris Johnson’s appeal, or not as the case may be, to the British voters. These posts examine his style, his off the cuff and unsubstantiated remarks, and his abilities  to function as the foremost embassador of Britain, and for Britain  on the political world stage. These posts look at  Johnson’s performance both past and present in political office and ask questions  regarding  his trustworthiness to hold highest political  office. These posts ask serious questions about his validity as a credible Prime Minister of Britain. They look at the role of self promotion and his manipulation  of the media and his style of campaign which has ultimately given Boris Johnson the fulfillment  of a lifetime  ambition and perhaps the unfullfillment of that ambition. These posts look at Boris Johnson’s  impact upon the political landscape of the UK and it’s  implications  for the future of serious politics and his impact on the environmental debate regarding  the future of the Planet.

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