Netanyahu running rings round Biden and Sunak

Isreal’s President Benjamin  Netanyahu is running rings around President Biden and PM Rishii Sunak. The Isreali’s attack on the Iranian Embassy in Syria was a calculated  move to draw America into reinforcing American  and British support for Isreal at a time when questions about such unquestioning support was under the spotlight.

Netanyahu is making Biden and Sunak look like amateurs

It appears that questions  over Isreal’s  conduct in and towards Gazza has been relegated despite the evidence that Isreal’s  conduct has fallen short of expected standards and despite the fact that inhabitants  of Gazza are still struggling  to obtain enough food and water, and despite Isreal still not allowing  enough food  and aid into Gazza.

Before Isreal’s  attack on the Iranian Embassy, Isreal’s  conduct in Gazza was under scrutiny

Before Isreal’s  attack on the Iranian  Embassy, Isreal’s  conduct in Gazza was under scrutiny.  However Isreal’s  attack on Iran via Syria was a calculated act of attrition designed to reel in both Biden  and Sunak and the detract criticism of Isreal’s  conduct in Gazza. Now Biden and Sunak have become Netanyahu’s puppets dragging both into backing Isreal as Netanyahu basically attempts to provoke all out war in the Middle East. What suckers. Surely it’s  time now to stop all this unconditional support  for a War maker  like Netanyahu. If Netanyahu wants to provoke a war in the Middle  East then let them stand alone and not drag either Britain  or America into such a war. Netanyahu  is a war maker, an opportunist and a troublemaker it’s  time that Biden and Sunak realised this.

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