The SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party) may actually be doing more harm than good to Scotland particularly when considering Brexit. The real issue for Scotland at this time is whether it has enough control of it’s destiny in relation to matters of Brexit and in this sense it may be best to put aside matters of Devolution for the time being in order to focus on matters of greater importance. Currently Scotland has only a limited voice in matters relating to Brexit because the SNP is only a regional Party with limited appeal or control and influence of matters outside of Scotland’s borders. The SNP therefore are an isolated voice in the UK in relation to matters of Brexit and unlikely to be heard. Brexit was so unpopular in Scotland but because Scottish voters decided to elect a Government in Scotland with regional appeal and focus it has found itself isolated from influence over the UK wide Brexit debate. Scotland has therefore been unable to prevent Brexit. Scotland’s affinity towards the SNP has significantly assisted the Tories and allowed them to press ahead with Brexit. Scotland may be better served to back a British government that is willing to address matters of Brexit or support a second Brexit referendum.The SNP cannot bring this about alone and it is unlikely that the Labour Party would be willing to work with the SNP. The SNP are so focussed on Scottish Devolution that at this period in time they may actually be doing more harm than good to Scotland.