Labour keeps on mentioning change in it’s campaign to be elected but change may be unnoticeable

Labour keeps on mentioning change in it’s campaign to be elected but change may be unnoticeable apart from change in name only. Kier Starmer has basically ditched all his policies in the run up to this General Election.  Before Kier Starmer was elected as the Labour Party Leader he vowed to keep in place a range of policies that his pedecessor Jeremy Corbyn introduced and which were supported by Kier Starmer at the last General Election in 2019. He named these his ’10 pledges’ . So what happened to these? Well many of these policies were those that he used to gain support within the Labour Movement and have subsequently fallen by the wayside and Starmer has provided various excuses for these. He has removed links to these pledges on his website but I  was in a position to take screenshots of these pledges before they were taken down. However on the eve of the General Election of June 2024 what remains of these pledges that Starmer made firstly to the nation as a whole and secondly to the members of the Labour Party. Let us examine this issue in more detail to show you whether or not Labour still has an agenda for change or whether this is General Election is just a culmination of the endless ambition of Kier Starmer who will go to great lengths to fulfill his own ambitions.

 Firstly the 10 Pledges  these can be viewed on my previous article

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Post Office Inquiry: what’s the point?

What really is the point of the Post Office Inquiry when all we see paraded in front of us are a bunch of liars who are unwilling or unable to tell the truth. Not one of these former Post Office Officials has shown any willingness  to take responsibility for this travesty of justice. All this ultimately  demonstrates that there have been  attempts to cover up the Scandal at a high senior level.  It has been proven that the Horizon  System could be remotely accessed by Fujitsu and that it was known about by Post Office Officials early on. This Inquiry  has been too polite and has let these people make excuses of poor recollection to excuse and distance themselves  from responsibility. These people should be being interviewed  under caution by the police. Let’s  just proceed to prosecution of these liars and deniers who are more concerned  with trying to protect their reputations than getting  to the truth and culpability.

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Netanyahu running rings round Biden and Sunak

Isreal’s President Benjamin  Netanyahu is running rings around President Biden and PM Rishii Sunak. The Isreali’s attack on the Iranian Embassy in Syria was a calculated  move to draw America into reinforcing American  and British support for Isreal at a time when questions about such unquestioning support was under the spotlight.

Netanyahu is making Biden and Sunak look like amateurs

It appears that questions  over Isreal’s  conduct in and towards Gazza has been relegated despite the evidence that Isreal’s  conduct has fallen short of expected standards and despite the fact that inhabitants  of Gazza are still struggling  to obtain enough food and water, and despite Isreal still not allowing  enough food  and aid into Gazza.

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Time to call Netanyahu out and withdraw support for Isreal

We cannot  tolerate Netanyahu  and the IDF to keep killing our aid workers and innocent civilians in Gazza. The World shouldn’t  tolerate this behaviour  and these excuses from Isreal. The Isrealis cannot investigate  themselves because nothing ever comes of that. There is always a feeble excuse and a cover up. Nobody in the IDF  is ever made accountable for these war crimes. There is a need for another impartial body to investigate  these war crimes of Isreal instead of Isreal investigating it’s  own war crimes. Time to hold Isreal to account now. Time to shift the investigations to a agency that will not cover things up as the Isrealis and the IDF are doing now. And to add insult to injury Netanyahu  was even smiling and smirking when asked  about the killing of these Aid Workers from the food agency WCK. There is no excuse for these losses there is no justification  for the murder of women and children. Time for the world to withdraw funding and support for Netanyahu  and his regime.

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Putin attempts to fit events into his own narrative

Events are catching up with Putin on his own soil. Truth is that the recent events in Russia have been brought about by Putin’s involvement in Syria. Putin’s attempts to deflect this blame towards Ukraine is just an attempt to fit these recent attrocities to fit his own narrative. Ultimately what happened is a revenge attack based on Russian atrocities  in Syria. So events are coming back to find Putin. He is not only fighting a war that he personally  created with Ukraine: he is also now fighting another war against revenge terrorism at home in his own country. Putin has brought this upon himself and upon the Russian people. Putin is ultimately to blame for acts of terrorism in his own country. Putin is to blame for the marred reputation of Russia amongst the rest of the world.

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It’s not antisemitic to criticise Israel’s actions in Gaza

Israel is not above criticism and there shouldn’t be any accusations  of being antisemitic when examining the recent actions of  Isreal in Gaza. Of course nobody  is disputing that Israel  has a right to defend itself from the appalling atrocities that we witnessed on 7th October  23. However there has to be a limit placed on the amount of aggression used in retaliation. It’s  clear that Israel  has over stepped the mark and gone too far. Israel’s actions in Gazza border on genocide and far exceed what could be described  as reasonable  force. Israel’s  actions are targeting  a civilian population and are indiscriminate. They have concentrated their aggression  against a civilian population  and targeted the infrastructure like hospitals that a civilian population needs to provide to survive. Isreali’s have withheld aid and basic necessities such as water and electricity which impact the civilian  population heavily and it’s  abilities  to remain healthy.

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Give a Clown the Top Job and he will create a Circus will probably be the outcome of the Covid Enquiry

So far it would appear that the overridding findings of the Covid Enquiry are that if you give a clown the top job :he will create a Circus. The overall picture is emerging of a Government in crisis with a lack of effective leadership to deal with the crisis. Boris johnson even saw the enquiry as an opportunity to deny the findings of the Sue Gray Report and the resulting ‘Investigation’ by the Metroplotian Police. He attempted to refute the findings of both of these and to imply that the offences were not  such a serious infringement afterall. There never was any chance that Boris Johnson would humbly attend the Inquiry and bring with him the truth. You have to be aware that this is a person who has allegedely lied to Parliament. What we got was just unconvincing waffle about what happed to missing Whats App messages. What we saw resembled a worm on a hook trying to wriggle off.

Support for Israel must stop because this is no path towards obtaining peace

When will Israel stop? What we are seeing is the indiscriminate anger of a madman on a rampage. It’s  unreasonable to cause this level of destruction to a civilian population. Israel  seems to be content and intent on eliminating and controlling  the whole of Gazza at any cost.  Israel’s anger is unhumane and disproportionate and should no longer be supported  by the American  Government nor the British  Government. Yes Hamas must be taken down but this can only be achieved by taking away Hamas’s power from within the population it serves. Isreal’s actions are simply serving as a recruiting campaign for Hamas and a justification. It’s  up to the Palestinians themselves to act to defeat Hamas and find a leadership which better serves it population. To do this Isreal must stop persecuting the people of Palestine in thiis war on Gazza. Israel’s strategy is actually fuelling more anger against Israel and as such is counterproductive. The conditions in Gazza must be improved and the expecctation of Isreal must become more realistic and sane.  Isreal cannot expect the population to continally be on the move at their will. Intense bombing of civilian areas has to stop. Already there is no where for these people to return to. Housing is now a huge issue as is obtaining and maintaining  the basic fundamentals for health and life.  Isreal has no right to bomb schools , nurseries nor hospitals and any such bombing should be seen as a war crime.

Kier Starmer is the chameleon without any convictions, he even praises Margaret Thatcher

Kier Starmer is a chameleon without  any convictions. He throws away any pretences of being a real Labour Party Leader by singing the praises of Margaret  Thatcher. Did we need any more proof now that this man is a traitor  to the Labour Party?

Starmer has dropped every pledge that he made before he became the Labour Party leader

Kier Starmer is the man that cannot be trusted. He has dropped every pledge that he ever made to become the Leader of the Labour Party. KIER STARMER’S ATTITUDE IS SIMPLY SELF SERVING IN THE SAME WAY THAT BORIS JOHNSON’S, AND TONY BLAIR’S WERE. SPURRED ON BY THEIR OWN VANITY TO ACTUALLY BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER AT ANY COST.  Starmer will say and do anything to become Prime Minsister. He is a shapeshifter, a chameleon who wants to say the right thing at the right time to serve his own purposes and then he will cast them off again soon after just as easily. He lacks conviction  and can quickly disassociate himself from thise committments that he made. Starmer is a slippery politician who basically cannot be trusted because he is motivated solely by self promotion. At first I found this difficult to see and accept but now it is apparent. It’s  clear that Kier Starmer has no real convictions left because he has ditched them all along the way after being of use to him. in order to get the position of Labour Party Leader he appeased the left with pledges and assurrances that he would carry forward the key socialist principles of the Labour Movement resurrected by Jeremy Corbyn, but he has since ditched all these pledges and seems to have gravitated towards the resurrection of Blair’s ‘New Labour’ by bringing back into the cabinet many of Tony Blair’s old allies. Now not even content to pushing the Labour Movement back towards the bad old days of Blairism he wants to even appeal to the followers of Margaret Thatcher suggesting that she had some great qualities.

So how far has Labour actually swung to the right when it’s Leader is praising the work of Margaret Thatcher?

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AI only 3 possible outcomes

AI has 3 possible outcomes: you choose which one fits best.

The first thing you need to realise is that from the inception of Science Fiction writing there has been this notion that a future with machines will lead to a less  complicated  lifestyle for the human race as machines undertake  most of the tasks that humans have to perform  routinely in their daily lives in order to survive. This leads to a life of leisure  for humans. What needs to be understood is that this Utopia was just a fictional ideal that in reality  would never happen or only partially  happen for those that have control of the machines. What would really happen is that, as machines take over the roles of humans, an underclass will be formed without any means to survive. Economics is formed by the interactions of humans with a means to engage ( money). As more machines take over human endeavour then 2 things could occur. He first would be a shrinking economic base as more and more humans are removed from the economic equation. Economics  as we know it now could collapse in it’s entirety or there will have to occur a complete  reassessment of how Economics works.

It is unlikely that there will be any reassessment of economics or any major redistribution  of wealth to rebalance the equation, so from this point forward, and depending  upon how Economics is implemented 2 things could happen. The first is if this underclass is formed it is likely  to be in opposition to those who control the machines. Those that do control machines will most likely strive to protect their status and will use the machines to protect themselves from the ‘underclass’ and the underclass will cause distruption, sabotage and public disturbance. There will be looting and disruption in order for the underclass to survive since they have been removed from the economic equation and left without a means to survive (paid employment).

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Don’t pay Lockdown Fines until they are in line with Partygate Fines because the Met Police have set a precendent

Concerning the Partygate Fines why was Boris Johnson and other Tory  Party Goers only fined £50 when other people were being given fines of upwards of £5000 and in some cases as much as £14,000? Why were these Partygate fines so disprotionate to other Lockdown fines. Why have the Metropolitan Police treated Partygate fines so leniently in comparison to other Lockdown Fines issued? There is a sense that the Partygate fines given were too lenient. Are other  Lockdown Fines given out excessive and in comparison. How can the Met Police explain the disproportionality between these amounts? Have the Metropolitan Police got questions that need to be asked about why the fines given out to Tory  Partygate attendees were so dimunitive? It appears that these people have been treated different from others who were also fined during Covid Lockdowns. Why was Partygate treated so superficially by the Metropolitan Police Force? Specifically why were these fines, given to Partygate attendees so diminutive in comparison to other fines that were metered out to ordinary people? Also being that the police had a presence at Downing Street throughout Lockdowns shouldn’t questions be asked as to why they apparently knew nothing or if they certainly did then why did they not act on it at the time? Why did it take a leak of information to bring the matter to the attention of the police?

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AI- Why Humans must fight back

The companies developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) are mainly interested in profit and ways to reduce the workforce. If they see an opportunity to replace a Human with a robot they will. If a task that a human currently  does can be done by AI they will make it. Companies are falling over backwards for this kind of opportunity to maximise their profits. Greedy capitalist enterprises are always seeking new ways to decrease their workforces. Venture Capitalists in companies such as Uber would willingly  invest in driverless  vehicles for example if it meant a healthy profit. And the companies developing AI will certainly deliver the product to anyone willing to invest in their  technologies. They will do this without any ethical considerations or conscience.

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‘A Changed Labour Party’ pursueing Electoral Credibility but at what cost to policies?

‘A Changed Labour Party’ as Kier Starmer likes to call it, pursueing electoral credibility but at what cost to policies? Sir Kier Starmer keeps dropping in phrases about the Labour Party’s  electoral  credibility but what is unclear about his focus on this issue is the cost to the Labour  Party’s policies  and ambitions.

The last time we saw ‘A changed Labour Party’ was that of Tony Blair: and what a disaster that was

The last time we saw ‘A Changed Labour Party’ was that of Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’: and what a disaster that was. So is Starmer wanting to take Labour back to the uninspiring and instantly forgettable Tony Blair years? Well on the face of it it would appear to be so. So even though the Tories are gifting the next General Election to Labour, nervous Starmer still seems intent on watering the Labour Party policies down to worthlessness.

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Waterways Pollution in Britain: Thatcher’s privatisations come to a shitty end

Last weeks admissions  of failure by the British  Water Companies are the perfect demonstration of the failure of Margaret  Thatcher’s privatisations. Water pollution  in the UK  reflects and reveals decades  of mismanagement by these water companies and exposes once and for all the failures of Britain’s privatisations  brought about by the Thatcher and Major governments.

Now the final cost of these privatisations  include polluted rivers and the coastline of the British  Isles. Years of lack of investment and mismanagement have surfaced to show us the extent of the problems of privatisation. These companies have been creaming off profits to shareholders and investing in other business interests  whilst neglecting their primary purpose. The stench of corruption and malpractice is as bad as the stench left by them in our polluted rivers and our beaches. Companies such as these have the obligation to look after the resources they are managing not to trash them. This obligation should be a prerequisite to the nature of there work. Hence by increasing pollution in our rivers and upon our beaches they have failed to execute their duties properly and should be removed as a liability as quickly as possible. It wouldn’t take long to do this and to prove this in a court of law and the British Government should be pressed to do so as a matter of obligation. However we have a Conservative Government in power that still supports these failed privations dating back to the Thatcher and Major Governments so any action on the matter seems remote.

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Britain needs Socialism now more than ever before

Tory policies have caused Britain  to run aground. Thatcherite policies and values have now backed Britain  into a cul-de-sac. There is no route forward any longer and therefore  no reason to cling to the values of Thatcherism. Britain  has no income and longer is is also bankrupt of ideas. Now the only course of action available to the Tories  is to raise levels of government  income from  taxation. This was inevitable  as a result of privatisation  of Britain’s  assets. Recent Tory  governments  have relied upon borrowing  as a way of shoring up the facade that everything  was under control. Then along came Liz Truss who tore down the mirrors to reveal the true horror  show that the Tories  had created. Truss even managed to make matters worse and that takes some doing.

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Don’t use Google as your search engine

Were you aware that Google is suppressing left wing viewpoints like those contained on this site? Did you know that Google is withholding search results by curtailing searches? Did you know that Google has an agenda to manage and filter search results based on nothing other than political message content? Or so it seems. So has Google got political and impartial? Well it would seem so. What started out as a pretty cool idea for a search engine has sold itself out to big business and big bucks. Google is no longer impartial and is filtering out leftwing viewpoints.

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Starmer threatens the UK Energy Market suggesting a Publicly Owned Energy Provider

Sir Kier Starmer sent a strong message to the UK Energy Providers  with an underlying threat made at the Labour Party Conference yesterday. If Labour gets elected it will set up a new publicly owned Energy Provider that will be in direct competition  with the current UK Energy Providers. However it will be run for the benefit of the public and not as a privatised enterprise.  This was initially  my idea that I provided to the Labour Party on 19th October 2017. See my post 

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Britain, for goodness sake wake up and call for re-nationalisation of the utilities, we need new thinking to tackle problems

What’s  wrong with British people? Why are British people so against re-nationalisation of our utilities: our infrastructure? In recent months we have seen how the Energy Providers are exploiting a situation to maximise their profits. We have seen that their actions have led to Inflation and Intertest Rate rises. The time has come to seek to re-nationalise the utilities and in particular the Energy Providers. How long can the British  avoid nationalisation  of the Energy Companies when it’s starring you in the face as the only solution to deal with Inflation  and the ‘ Cost of Living Crisis’. A Tory government  will not do this and without it there is not even a single glimmer of hope that a change in the leadership  of the Tories will help at all.

Liz Truss was a false hope and a mere waste of time.  Now she represents a source of embarrassment for the Tories.  A misguided and a desperate attempt to reverse the fortune of the Tories. A government  led by Liz Truss was a costly  misadventure for the Tories and something they have failed to live down. Liz Truss was a costly mistake both for the Tories  and the country as a whole. Through Liz Truss, the Tories  have shown that they cannot  be relied upon to do the right thing and nationalise the energy providers  in the U for the good of the country. The misadventure of the Tories  investing faith in Liz Truss’s  government just goes to show how desperately  ineffective  Tory  policies are. Obviously  renationalising and public ownership  in general are blind spot for all Tories and as long as it is then right thing to do will remain undone because the Tories still have belief in Thatcherite policies. But time after time we are now hearing about the failures of Thatcherism  that haunt the British  Economy and which continue to hold Britain  back.

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Putin is at war not just with Ukraine but also with Russian citizens

The clampdown on freedom of speech in Russia shows that Putin is not just at war with Ukraine but also with Russian citizens. Putin wants a return to the bad old days of Stalin, ruling with fear and harsh punishments.

Any pretences of an elected democratic leader fell by the wayside this week as Putin revealed  to the World and to the citizens of Russia just who he has become: namely a dictator,  brutal and ruthless tyrant a new Tsar of Russia willing to defend his privledge and position at any cost, even at an expense to his own citizens. Putin wants to turn Russia back into a military state exerting authoritarian control over it’s  own citizens. Much the same as the Tsar. Everything that the Russian Revolution stood for and hoped for is about to reversed and buried as the new Tsar reveals his intentions.

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Competition is the way forward for the public ownership of Gas and Electricity in Britain

A sure fire way to get the utilities and railways back into public ownership and the less costly way of achieving this.

Yes I admire the ambition of the Labour Party Manifesto and it’s aim to get the Gas and Electricity utilities and railways back into public ownership. Success of this would lead to a more prosperous and fairer Britain and it would be the start of a new era for Britain. Yes it is high time to reverse the failed privatisations of Margaret Thatcher and John Major, and this would be a move which would put Britain on track again. However the scale and the cost of the task is dauntingly enormous and Thatcher knew how difficult it would be to ever go backwards. She tried to make her privatisations irreversible in an attempt to frustrate any attempts to ever develop socialism in Britain. She thought that she had had the final word but despite this there was a fundamental flaw in her plan and one which the Labour Party could exploit if it is savvy enough.

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Beware the Sun tabloid newspaper is a Cuckoo in Britain’s Class War

The Newspaper in general may have outlived it’s usefulness. It is after all strongly edited for political bias to represent its own interests and the views of their owners/bosses. Other information is now available and getting heard that is not so strongly censored nor representative of only a small minority. Freedom of speech is now more achievable than ever because of the accessibility of the Internet where some aspects of censorship can be overcome and the voice of both socialism and the youth can now be expressed far more freely than ever before without censorship from powerful newspaper editors. Newspapers have always sought to limit change and to suppress a voice and platform for socialism in Britain. Through censorship or false representation of socialist policies (Loony Left was a derogatory term coined by many of these newspapers to undermine socialist values) they have succeeded in limiting political choice for the masses and this could be viewed as actively sabotaging choice in the political electoral system of Britain by exerting pressures to manipulate political parties to either adopt or curtail political aspirations. One particular newspaper, the Sun tabloid newspaper, has done this whilst attaining mass appeal amongst the working classes whilst subversively encouraging divisiveness in order to prevent any sense of class realisation and class identity whilst also seeking to undermine the institutions which promote the interests of the working classes. This paper the Sun tabloid newspaper and it has been and still remains ‘the Cuckoo of British Class Warfare‘.

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Socialism is better for Britain. Socialism is neither Communism nor Militant

Socialism is better for Britain. Socialism offers Britain  a New start and a shining new path towards prosperity. Socialism is better for Britain  because it lowers the burden of taxation on tax payers. So why aren’t we embracing it.

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One man causing misery to thousands

What’s  the deal when one man causes the deaths and misery to hundreds  of thousands  of people?  People being uprooted and forced to move because  they are in fear is a lesson that we should have moved on from because  of the lessons of the last Century. Surely it’s  best to sacrifice that one person in order to stop or alleviate the deaths of thousands? That’s  where we are going wrong letting one man cause misery and upsets to many thousands  of others. Doing things at the behest of others is wrong. That one person is just a man. Today’s  events show that those in power can be got at and brought down. Leaders are not indestructible.

Miscalculations by the Labour Party could cost them the next Election

Miscalculations by the Labour Party could still cost them the next General Election. At least this is what Rishi  Sunak  is hoping for. By getting his  Rwanda  plan off the drawing  board and into reality could be a huge pitfall  for Labour in the next General Election. This issue may become politically significant  in the next General Election particularly because Starmer’s Labour have said that they will repeal the scheme if elected. However  Labour’s  plans for a replacement  policy on small boat migration  remains at best unconvincingly woolly. Starmer’s plan requires greater co-operation with the EU which is really unforthcoming following Brexit and there is no incentives for the EU to change their stance on the matter. At the heart of the matter lies Starmer’s wishful thinking which is a huge miscalculation. This vague plan which amounts to no plan at all other than wishful thinking is unlikely to succede. It is unlikely  to convince voter’s of it’s  effectiveness. This may be significant if Rishi Sunak can actually demonstrate  that the Rwanda Scheme is actually  having an effect. However because the Election was called before this could be assessed , a question mark still hangs over the effectiveness of this plan too.

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Isreal breaking many international laws regarding conflict

As we have learned over the last few days it appears that Isreal continues  to break international  laws regarding  what is acceptable  during conflict. We learned that the IDF has been targeting  hospitals and the delivery  of aid. It appears that Isreal have been using food as a weapon of warfare and have been destroying infrastructure necessary  for civilian health. Isreal continues to deny that there is any significant food shortages in Gazza. It also rejects that it is indiscriminately targeting the  civilian population in Gazza despite the facts that the numbers killed suggest that up to 70% of the 32,000 killed have been women and children.

Isreal must now be held to account for the indescriminate  killings of the IDF.  Killing of aid workers snd the trashing of hospitals is unacceptable  as is the indescriminate targeting  of the civilian population.  It’s  now high time that Britain  and America withdrew support for Isreal especially  any military arms support. It’s  irresponsible  of America and Britain  to be giving armouries to a regime that uses indescriminate  killing of civilians. We have heard so many excuses from Isreal in an attempt  to justify this unacceptable and indescriminate killing but it’s  now time for our own governments to act to curtail this unacceptable  behaviour.

Isreal must be stopped now and a 2 state solution put in place that is no longer policed by Isreal

Isreal cannot be  trusted to police what is left of Gazza. There is no constraints on the IDF who have lost their credibility to act as a peace keeping force in the Gazza strip. In fact the whole area including the West Bank should be made to be off limits to the IDF. Following Isreali “s incursions into Gazza and what looks like the indescriminate bombing targeting  the civilian population there is certainly  no way that Isreal could act as a peacekeeping agent in Gazza. There is also some suggestions  that Isreal’s motivations are changing with some promoting an agenda for settlement of Isreali’s  in Gazza where there has been talk of land grabbing and purchase of prime locations in Gazza for the habitation of Isreali settlers. This would be a totally unacceptable outcome of the war and of Isreal’s incursions  into Gazza via the IDF.

For further reading on this matter See this article by Orla Guerrin of the BBC

What’s the purpose of ‘Reform UK’ political party?

What’s  the purpose of the ‘Reform UK’ political  party. Well given the amount of Tories defecting to ‘Reform UK’ it would appear that it’s  main purpose is the give jobs to Tory Ministers who have either lost position or favour in their previous political  party or as an insurance  policy to try and protect their jobs because they are aware of their upcoming defeat in the next General Election.

‘Reform  UK’ are the last bastion of the Tories. It’s  a party that exists for disaffected Tory  voters who just cannot bring themselves  to actually vote for Labour because that would be going too far. Many disaffected Tory Ministers are recognising this. They have assessed  that their chances of re-election under the Sunak administration is pretty slim so they are beginning to hedge their bets and to seek refuge and place hopes of  reelection and having a job in the future by moving into the ‘Reform  UK’ party. Desperate to retain at least some job in Parliament  in the future.

Reform UK or UKIP used to be the thorn in the side of the Tories provoking Cameron into taking the drastic and disastrous Brexit vote.  So what do they actually  stand for now that Brexit has been unleashed?