8 months in a Post before a Government reshuffle isn’t even time to read the brief

Sunak’s merry-go-round government reshuffles after only 8 months. That’s  just about enough time to read and understand  the brief buy hardly enough time to accomplish anything meaningful. Let’s take Grant Chapps as an example when in Boris’ Party he was Business Minister charged with handling the P& O sacking fiasco. I remember tough talk to bring P&O to account for there actions. Then soon after Boris’ leadership collapsed and Chapps was out of a job. P&O were let off the hook and seemingly  up until now no real action has been taken. The message the Tories  have sent out on that matter is that it’s  basically  OK for firms to sack their workforces  and reinstate them with cheaper workers on temporary  contracts the following  day. Where is the deterent since it seems that P&O have done this. So despite all the posturing of Grant Chapps HD did nothing. Then he appeared again for a week in Truss’s comedy of errors. Then re-instated in another position by Sunak for 8 months and who can give me any examples of what he achieved there. No Sunak has made him minister for Defence. Unfortunately  the departing Minister was very good.

Boris Johnson finally lands in his own shite

Finally  we learn what most of us still sane already knew, that Boris Johnson did lie to Parliament about Partygate. Finally  it comes to pass that Boris ‘the clown’ finally trips up and lands in a pile of shite of his own making. Now left defending the indefensible Boris is intent upon devaluing the findings of the report and the whole process that reached the truth. Thing is Boris Johnson  just cannot  accept the truth and wouldn’t  recognise it if he stumbled over it in his oversized Clown shoes. Truth is that Johnson never had the integrity to be a Prime Minister  in the first place. I can almost see Theresa May smiling  from here. Johnson stabbed her in the back to further his own political  ambitions. Hope Johnson disappears now and takes off his hard hat and high viz vest and simply fades away. Let’s  get back to grown up politics instead of this circus.

Saturday Night TV on the BBC all repeats, whats going on?

Sat here on a Saturday  night wondering if I had been travelling in time with Dr Who. All repeats of the Wheel and Blankety Blank. I even knew the outcome of the Wheel because  my mindvhad been refreshed by watching Gogglebox earlier in the week which had the very same episode. So what’s  going on with Saturday  Night entertainment  on the BBC? It’s  really no fun watching repeats of game shows when you know what’s  going to happen. Either give us a new series of the Wheel or something completely  new. Watching predictable TV is certainly  not on during prime viewing.

A.I. Just because we can do it doesn’t mean we should

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could determine our roles in the future and determine human societies. AI has the potential to undermine societies  and destabilise human relationships. At present we have the ability to decide which way we wish to go with A.I but we should understand the consequences of using A.I. before we go any further with it’s implementation.

Just because  we can do something doesn’t  necessarily  mean that we should do it

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is a case in point here and just because we can do it doesn’t  necessarily mean that we should do it. To progress an implement A.I means taking away a humans ability  to do the same thing and give it to a machine of a chunk of code (or both). To progress like this and measure it in only profit and efficiency  terms could be irresponsible. To consider the implementation of A.I. there has to be more consideration given other than just implementation for profit and efficiency gains. We have to learn to consider this topics of  ethics, social  responsibility, macro economics, social factors and even matters of world order. At present the world and various big players ( companies) are pressing ahead with A.I regardless. There seems to be a free laissez-faire attitude among Government’s to just let A.I happen. Nobody  seems to be envisaging the future and what our increasing obsession with A.I. could potentially  lead to.

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Putin most likely is disappointed by talks with China

Talks without allegiance and without commitment for towards armourments are likely  to be a huge disappointment for Putin. China remains uncommitted towards Putin’s crusade. A show of strength yes but a commitment it is not. China will benefit  from trading arrangements with  Russia to replace some of what it has lost through the sanctions imposed upon Putin by the West but the deals made are not mutually  beneficial. Putin is running out of options so any deals are better than no deals but it is also a sign of Russia and Putin diminished world currency. China remains aloof and certainly  doesn’t  wish to get drawn into a possible  set of sanctions itself. China has to face it is reliant on exports to the West. To face large sanctions and boycotts on Chinese made goods would put his own regime at risk. People in China are being kept sweet and dormant by financial success. To risk upsetting that would most likely  be a huge destabilising factor putting his regime at risk. The People’s  Republic of China could be a very real possibility if this tyrannical regime were to upset those that they rule over. That Western trade are actually  shoring up this regime is a political  irony in itself. Take away this scaffolding and the Chinese are likely  to implode.

There may be dangers ahead for the Labour Party and they should not become complacent

Kier Starmer’s  Labour Party needcto be aware that the job is not done yet and there is still a long way to go. Yes the Tories  have certainly  given them a good head start but success is not assured. Here are the things that the Labour  Party must get in order to be assured of winning the next General Election. They should not rely on the Tories  to do it all for them.

Sunak and Truss hint at a return to the 80’s Police State by outlawing Strike Action

Nobody wishes to see a reprisal of the Miner’s Strike and the troubled times of the Police State back in the 1980’s. However this view is obviously not shared by either Rishi Sunak nor Liz Truss who both said that they would ban and outlaw Strike Action if elected to the office of Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Sunak and Truss yearn to be the next prime minister and to impose a Police State similar to 1980’s Britain and the era of the ‘Miner’s Strike’

Whether or not this was an off the cuff remark or whether it is actually a policy that they wishing  and willing to pursue was not explored in this week’s televised TV debate debate from which they came. It does suggest that this government, even though not elected on such a mandate, is likely to be an authoritarian government irrespective of who wins the leadership battle to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, and is likely to be recruiting the police force into limiting free speech and strike action. Should we be worried and concerned? Well you’re damn right that we should be! This government was not elected on such a mandate to limit the freedoms of speech and actions that we currently enjoy and or employ to ensure that we can get a fair deal and are not left open to exploitation.

Putin’s ambition to extend Russia may actually be about controlling World grain supply

Putin’s  ambition to extend Russia may  actually  be about controlling the World’s  grain supplies. The invasion of the Ukraine 🇺🇦  may not just be about extending Russian  Imperialism but may be about controlling the export of grain. First it was oil and gas and now it appears that his ambition  is also to control the food market in the West.

Surely the idea of having Russia potentially controlling the food market should be a warning sign for NATO  and the West and perhaps  encourage them to go even further to help liberate the Ukraine 🇺🇦  from this monster.