One man causing misery to thousands

What’s  the deal when one man causes the deaths and misery to hundreds  of thousands  of people?  People being uprooted and forced to move because  they are in fear is a lesson that we should have moved on from because  of the lessons of the last Century. Surely it’s  best to sacrifice that one person in order to stop or alleviate the deaths of thousands? That’s  where we are going wrong letting one man cause misery and upsets to many thousands  of others. Doing things at the behest of others is wrong. That one person is just a man. Today’s  events show that those in power can be got at and brought down. Leaders are not indestructible.

Post Office Inquiry: what’s the point?

What really is the point of the Post Office Inquiry when all we see paraded in front of us are a bunch of liars who are unwilling or unable to tell the truth. Not one of these former Post Office Officials has shown any willingness  to take responsibility for this travesty of justice. All this ultimately  demonstrates that there have been  attempts to cover up the Scandal at a high senior level.  It has been proven that the Horizon  System could be remotely accessed by Fujitsu and that it was known about by Post Office Officials early on. This Inquiry  has been too polite and has let these people make excuses of poor recollection to excuse and distance themselves  from responsibility. These people should be being interviewed  under caution by the police. Let’s  just proceed to prosecution of these liars and deniers who are more concerned  with trying to protect their reputations than getting  to the truth and culpability.

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Miscalculations by the Labour Party could cost them the next Election

Miscalculations by the Labour Party could still cost them the election.  This is what Rishi  Sunak  is hoping for at least. By getting his  Rwanda  plan off the drawing  board and into reality could be a huge pitfall  for Labour in the next General Election. This issue may become politically significant  in the next General  Election particularly because Starmer’s Labour have said that they will repeal  the scheme. However  Labour’s  plans for a replacement  policy on small boat migration  remains at best woolly. It is unlikely  to convince voter’s of it’s  effectiveness. This may be significant if Rishi Sunak can actually demonstrate  that the Rwanda Scheme is actually  having an effect.

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Isreal breaking many international laws regarding conflict

As we have learned over the last few days it appears that Isreal continues  to break international  laws regarding  what is acceptable  during conflict. We learned that the IDF has been targeting  hospitals and the delivery  of aid. It appears that Isreal have been using food as a weapon of warfare and have been destroying infrastructure necessary  for civilian health. Isreal continues to deny that there is any significant food shortages in Gazza. It also rejects that it is indiscriminately targeting the  civilian population in Gazza despite the facts that the numbers killed suggest that up to 70% of the 32,000 killed have been women and children.

Isreal must now be held to account for the indescriminate  killings of the IDF.  Killing of aid workers snd the trashing of hospitals is unacceptable  as is the indescriminate targeting  of the civilian population.  It’s  now high time that Britain  and America withdrew support for Isreal especially  any military arms support. It’s  irresponsible  of America and Britain  to be giving armouries to a regime that uses indescriminate  killing of civilians. We have heard so many excuses from Isreal in an attempt  to justify this unacceptable and indescriminate killing but it’s  now time for our own governments to act to curtail this unacceptable  behaviour.

Isreal must be stopped now and a 2 state solution put in place that is no longer policed by Isreal

Isreal cannot be  trusted to police what is left of Gazza. There is no constraints on the IDF who have lost their credibility to act as a peace keeping force in the Gazza strip. In fact the whole area including the West Bank should be made to be off limits to the IDF. Following Isreali “s incursions into Gazza and what looks like the indescriminate bombing targeting  the civilian population there is certainly  no way that Isreal could act as a peacekeeping agent in Gazza. There is also some suggestions  that Isreal’s motivations are changing with some promoting an agenda for settlement of Isreali’s  in Gazza where there has been talk of land grabbing and purchase of prime locations in Gazza for the habitation of Isreali settlers. This would be a totally unacceptable outcome of the war and of Isreal’s incursions  into Gazza via the IDF.

For further reading on this matter See this article by Orla Guerrin of the BBC

Putin attempts to fit events into his own narrative

Events are catching up with Putin on his own soil. Truth is that the recent events in Russia have been brought about by Putin’s involvement in Syria. Putin’s attempts to deflect this blame towards Ukraine is just an attempt to fit these recent attrocities to fit his own narrative. Ultimately what happened is a revenge attack based on Russian atrocities  in Syria. So events are coming back to find Putin. He is not only fighting a war that he personally  created with Ukraine: he is also now fighting another war against revenge terrorism at home in his own country. Putin has brought this upon himself and upon the Russian people. Putin is ultimately to blame for acts of terrorism in his own country. Putin is to blame for the marred reputation of Russia amongst the rest of the world.

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What’s the purpose of ‘Reform UK’ political party?

What’s  the purpose of the ‘Reform UK’ political  party. Well given the amount of Tories defecting to ‘Reform UK’ it would appear that it’s  main purpose is the give jobs to Tory Ministers who have either lost position or favour in their previous political  party or as an insurance  policy to try and protect their jobs because they are aware of their upcoming defeat in the next General Election.

‘Reform  UK’ are the last bastion of the Tories. It’s  a party that exists for disaffected Tory  voters who just cannot bring themselves  to actually vote for Labour because that would be going too far. Many disaffected Tory Ministers are recognising this. They have assessed  that their chances of re-election under the Sunak administration is pretty slim so they are beginning to hedge their bets and to seek refuge and place hopes of  reelection and having a job in the future by moving into the ‘Reform  UK’ party. Desperate to retain at least some job in Parliament  in the future.

Reform UK or UKIP used to be the thorn in the side of the Tories provoking Cameron into taking the drastic and disastrous Brexit vote.  So what do they actually  stand for now that Brexit has been unleashed?

The IDF kill indiscriminately without constraints

It’s  becoming more and more obvious that Isreal’s IDF kill innocent women and children indiscriminately. Isreal’s  Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu has shown no restraints. It’s  time to withdraw any international support for Isreal and impose sanctions on them instead to curb Isreal’s rampage and make them conform to international law.

Isreal can no longer justify It’s  aims in Gazza. They are unreasonable and there is no consideration  for the vulnerability  of the civilian population. Instead Isreal has been using starvation as a weapon against the civilian population of Gazza.

For years Isreal has been either encouraging or turning a blind eye to the activities  of the IDF and settlers involved in land grabs in the West Bank which in turn has been fuelling resentment  against Isreal. The IDF has been acting with impunity and without constraints. It appears to be doing the same in Gazza now. International  opinion must now change in a swing against Isreal. America and Britain  and whoever  must withdraw support for Isreal and put tough sanctions  in place to curb the actions of Isreal. This is not to be seen as support for Hamas by any means. It is just a humanitarian act. The peoples of Palestine and Gazza must be given a voice independent  of the controls exerted by Isreal and the IDF. Isreal should not be left in a place whereby they are policing Gazza in the future. Isreal should have no control of either Gazza or West Bank any longer. To leave it like that only instigates future problems  for the area.

Counting Broken Rhythms in 12-8 Time

Counting broken rhythms in 12/8 time can be tricky and goes beyond the traditional 1-2-3, -2-2-3,-3-2-3-,4-2-3 or 123456-223456 counts. When soloing in 12/8 time it can be tricky to keep within the basic rhythm and as the broken rhythms become more and more complicated you can easily loose your place within the basic Rhythmic Structure.

I have broken a piece up into many many of the common rhythmic motifs that you could possibly encounter within a piece of music written in 12/8 time. The piece is limited to 1/8th and 16th notes for simplicity. I note that many more complex rhythmic motifs are possible with the addition of 1/32 notes but for the sake of keeping things simple to start with these are ignored. More complicated pieces are beyond the scope of this tutorial.

Broken rhythmic motifs in 12/8 time can be counted best using 1/16th note counts in the majority of cases, or a Hybrid Count that uses both 1/16th notes and 1/8th notes together. There are 2 ‘Rhythmic Shortcuts’ available to you to use to interpret the Broken Rhythms quickly and easily.  The first is a 1 -e-& count which equates to a dotted 1/8th note or 3 x sixteenth notes. This shortcut is denoted as (1e+). Ignore the brackets they have no musical value ( no count value) but are used to draw attention  to which parts of the music they represent in the score. When using the dotted 1/8th note count it will repeat as ( 1 e + ) plus another (1 e +) which follows it and equates to 6 x 1/16th notes which is equal to 1 beat of 12/8 or a dotted crochet 1/4 note = to 1/6th note. Or a single count of the 1 -2-3 triplet count in quavers.

The other ‘RHYTHMIC SHORTCUT’ used is 1-e-&-a ( written as 1 e + a in the example piece. This will be familiar to anyone used to counting sixteenth notes in 4/4 time. Typically this is counted as 1e&a, 2e&a, 3e&a etc. In the shortcut method being demonstrated the ‘& is substituted with a ‘+’ sign for easier notation. To use this traditional 1/16th note count in 12/8 time we must modify it by adding an extra 1/8th note quaver on to the end of it, So it would read as 1-e-&-a (+ an additional 1/8th note or 2 x 1/16th notes). To make this count up to 6 x1/16th notes we must add an extra quaver beat to this to make this up to the 1/6th beat or dotted Crochet beat. So we add either a  (3) the last  1/8th note beat of the triplet rhythm as a single 1/8th note / quaver. This makes a ‘HYBRID Count’ using both 1/16th notes and 1/8th notes. Or we can continue by using a strictly sixteenth note count by adding a (3e count) or a (1e Count) whichever method you choose amounts to the same number of beats equal to 6 x sixteenth notes. So the result is either a 1 e + a 3 e or a 1 e + a 1 e count. Both of these are equal so it makes no difference whichever you choose to use. In the example wherever I am using a ‘HYBRID Count ‘using both Sixteenth and Eigth notes I have highlighted this. So a ‘HYBRID COUNT’ Looks like this;  1 e + a 3 or a 1 2 3e   or 1e 2 3 for example. It may be best to start study of the example at this point for a clearer understanding. Reference the specific items denoted by ‘HYBRID’.

Please follow the pdf and there is a piece of the music in Audio form to help you hear the motifs being visualised.

Shortcuts in 12-8 Definitive vrs

I recommend that you  further study the masters of ‘Broken Rhythmic’ playing such as ‘Albert King’ and ‘B B King’ who both commonly used to solo using motifs written in the 12/8 time signature.

It’s not antisemitic to criticise Israel’s actions in Gaza

Israel is not above criticism and there shouldn’t be any accusations  of being antisemitic when examining the recent actions of  Isreal in Gaza. Of course nobody  is disputing that Israel  has a right to defend itself from the appalling atrocities that we witnessed on 7th October  23. However there has to be a limit placed on the amount of aggression used in retaliation. It’s  clear that Israel  has over stepped the mark and gone too far. Israel’s actions in Gazza border on genocide and far exceed what could be described  as reasonable  force. Israel’s  actions are targeting  a civilian population and are indiscriminate. They have concentrated their aggression  against a civilian population  and targeted the infrastructure like hospitals that a civilian population needs to provide to survive. Isreali’s have withheld aid and basic necessities such as water and electricity which impact the civilian  population heavily and it’s  abilities  to remain healthy.

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