Putin’s ambition to extend Russia may actually be about controlling World grain supply

Putin’s  ambition to extend Russia may  actually  be about controlling the World’s  grain supplies. The invasion of the Ukraine 🇺🇦  may not just be about extending Russian  Imperialism but may be about controlling the export of grain. First it was oil and gas and now it appears that his ambition  is also to control the food market in the West.

Surely the idea of having Russia potentially controlling the food market should be a warning sign for NATO  and the West and perhaps  encourage them to go even further to help liberate the Ukraine 🇺🇦  from this monster.

Boris Johnson’s Tory Party cannot be trusted even to abide by it’s own rules

What ‘Partygate’ has shown us is that Boris Johnson’s Tory Party cannot even follow it’s  own rules. They simply cannot be trusted to run the country because they lack any integrity and have been exposed. They continue to refer to the infringements as if they were a trifling matter. Of course they are sorry now that the horse has bolted and they have been found out. But that is an empty gesture and rather insincere. This is a Government  that failed up follow  it’s  own rules and therefore lacks the qualities needed  for leadership and stewardship  of our Nation. No amount of apologising  now will make it right.

The long awaited Sue Gray report looks like it has been a fudge without really  addresing the issue of whether or not the Prime Minister lied to Parliament. Nor does it seem to address why the Metropolitan Police seem to have ignored evidence which may suggest that the Prime Minister should have received more fines than he actually  did receive.

Time to expel Russia from UN

Surely  it’s time to expel Russia from the UN. Russia have demonstrated a willingness to breach human rights and are quite prepared to lie to the UN Council. Therefore they are unfit to be in attendance at voting that they can and will veto. It is imperative  that the UN acts in support of the non aggressor, in this case the Ukraine 🇺🇦.  Russia is clearly unfit to be a part of the United Nations Council therefore it must be expelled. The UN cannot condone a nation that is prepared to tell lies to the Council and is unwilling to address it’s  infringements of human rights and what looks like war crimes committed in the Ukraine 🇺🇦.  Russia’s presence in the UN is a huge embarrassment which prevents the UN from carrying out it’s  intended purpose.

Give the Russian Oligarchs time to pack a suitcase

Give the Russian  Oligarchs  time to pack a suitcase and take them to nearest Port or Airport.  Let them leave with only a suitcase as resembles the plight of many refugees fleeing the Ukraine 🇺🇦.  Then seize all their assets and use them for funding the refugee crisis taking place in Europe. One way of making Russia and Russians pay for the chaos that they have caused.

Self employed have to wait additional month for Seiss grant 4?

The self employed  are having  to wait an additional  month for Seiss Grant 4 why? Previously  the grant  has been paid every 3 months  so why is it different  for Seiss Grant 4. The self employed  are under pressure  and many have used most of the last grant to pay their tax bills.  With little  or no work around why are the self employed  being asked to go fof a longer period without financial support.