The Conservatives are hiding behind a banner and a slogan to avoid scrutiny of their lack of achievements and failings in all areas of policy since they assumed control in 2010. The Slogan of’ Let’s get Brexit done’ is a blatant attempt to force this General Election in 2019 into a single issue election and the reason that they are doing this is in order to hide their own lack of achievements whilst they have been in control. The Conservatives have failed Britain in many ways and they are vulnerable on issues like: Care for the Elderly, Social Care in General, a failing NHS, failing railways and transport policies generally, poor public services in general, lack of investment generally, and their handling of Brexit.

The Tories have failed Britain and now they are attempting to avoid scrutiny by hiding behind a banner and a slogan of ‘Let’s get Brexit done’ and attempting to force the General election 2019 to be about a single issue.