Water should be publicly owned – Sign this Petition

Water Companies have proved time and time again that they are unable to responsibly manage our precious water resources. Instead they are polluting our waterways and our beaches in a manner that is not curtailed by this Tory Government. These Companies are not responsible custodians of our precious resources. Many of these Companies are controlled by owners outside the UK and who have no interest in protecting the UK coastlines and Rivers. They are simply interested in paying large dividends to shareholders at the expense of  proper investment. Some of these companies haven’t invested in maintaining the infrastructure for years. These are not the acts of responsible custodians with the interests of UK citizens and protection of a environmental standards at the centre of their business models : these are the acts of greedy owners with outside interests and greedy motives. Water is a fundamentally important resource. We must protect our Water resources and make sure that they are responsibly managed. Water should be publicly owned sign this petition.

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What about the Railways? Would you also like to see the Railways come back into public Ownership? If so follow this link to sign my petition calling for Public Ownership of the Railways.