Miscalculations by the Labour Party could cost them the next Election

Miscalculations by the Labour Party could still cost them the next General Election. At least this is what Rishi  Sunak  is hoping for. By getting his  Rwanda  plan off the drawing  board and into reality could be a huge pitfall  for Labour in the next General Election. This issue may become politically significant  in the next General Election particularly because Starmer’s Labour have said that they will repeal the scheme if elected. However  Labour’s  plans for a replacement  policy on small boat migration  remains at best unconvincingly woolly. Starmer’s plan requires greater co-operation with the EU which is really unforthcoming following Brexit and there is no incentives for the EU to change their stance on the matter. At the heart of the matter lies Starmer’s wishful thinking which is a huge miscalculation. This vague plan which amounts to no plan at all other than wishful thinking is unlikely to succede. It is unlikely  to convince voter’s of it’s  effectiveness. This may be significant if Rishi Sunak can actually demonstrate  that the Rwanda Scheme is actually  having an effect. However because the Election was called before this could be assessed , a question mark still hangs over the effectiveness of this plan too.

It makes me laugh to hear Nigel Farage’s opinions about what to do about the small boat immigration: because it was Brexit that has aggravated the issue

It is looking like Immigration is going to be  the next single most important subject for Britain  since Brexit which is quite ironic  really because illegal  immigration  was always going to result from Brexit. Nigel Farage was largely the voice and the driving force behind Brexit (snapping at the heels of the Tories) so in effect he is largely responsible for the increase in small boat illegal immigration. To hear that Farage has taken over the lead role in Reform UK, and is again engaging with the debate, is largely amusing but at the same time rather concerning. Nigel Farage tends to attract people interested in the far right politics attracting the most xenophobic elements of the British Psyche. This is what happened in the Brexit vote when the Conservatives allowed this element of British society to have a say in running the Country and deciding on it’s future relationship with the EU. Yes I have’nt forgot this abandonment of duty by David Cameron even if others have. Cameron resigned after the vote becuase he miscalculated the strength of opinion and was then unwilling to negotiate the terms of the withdrawal and resolve the mess that he had initiated and presided over. All of this was a result of the decline in popularity of the Tories who were facing serious threats to amongst their traditional voters at the time from Farage’s Brexit Party ( now called Reform UK). He was also  facing opposition in his own party, who were publicly imploding, on matters of EU membership  whilst Farage stoked the fires  under the Conservative Party. As a result of these factors Cameron decided to gamble the economic stability of the whole nation by allowing the public to decide on matters they knew little about other than what they got from a range of xenophobic newspapers and their very subjective viewpoints on the matter. Cameron’s move was in fact just a  cynical move to hold on to Conservative power whilst attempting to silence the pressures within his own party and at the same time put the Brexit Party out of business. So this gamble eventually proved to be not the result that he was hoping for and ultimately his own downfall as Prime Minister. Yes it won him the General Election but it created a monster that he had failed to anticipate. As a result Cameron cowardly withdrew from office unable to carry Britain forward with the course of actions that he had offered.

I wrote in my previous posts opposing Brexit that one likely cause resulting from Brexit would be an increase in the amount of small boats crossing the Channel. Now in effect Sunak has sprung a trap for the Labour  Party in the same way that ‘ Get Brexit Done’ was a trap for Corbyn’s Labour Party in the last general election. The Labour party still has nop credible plan to deter illegal immigration through the people Smugglers. The only way that this route can be reduced and managed would be to rejoin the EU.

The biggest problem  for Labour is that they have no tangible plans for Illegal Immigration. Well at least non that could provide a reasonable  deterant. Also Labour have made mention  that they are unsupportive  of the Rwanda deal and would scrap it if elected. However because  they have no credible policy  to fill the void if they scrap the Rwanda  Deal then they are leaving themselves  open to electoral defeat. It is a serious miscalculation  by Labour if they don’t  believe that illegal  immigration  is going to be a huge factor in the next election. It is therefore possible  that Sunak’s  Tories could actually  pull off what was seemingly  impossible  and win another term in office against all the odds.

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