Miscalculations by the Labour Party could cost them the next Election

Miscalculations by the Labour Party could still cost them the election.  This is what Rishi  Sunak  is hoping for at least. By getting his  Rwanda  plan off the drawing  board and into reality could be a huge pitfall  for Labour in the next General Election. This issue may become politically significant  in the next General  Election particularly because Starmer’s Labour have said that they will repeal  the scheme. However  Labour’s  plans for a replacement  policy on small boat migration  remains at best woolly. It is unlikely  to convince voter’s of it’s  effectiveness. This may be significant if Rishi Sunak can actually demonstrate  that the Rwanda Scheme is actually  having an effect.

Immigration is going to be  the next single most important subject for Britain  since Brexit which is quite ironic  really because illegal  immigration  was always going to result from Brexit which has caused it. In effect Sunak has sprung a trap for the Labour  Party in thd same way that ‘ Get Brexit Done’ was a trap for Corbyn’s Labour Party.

The biggest problem  for Labour us that they have no tangible plans for Illegal Immigration. Well at least non that could provide a reasonable  deterant. Also Labour have made mention  that they are unsupportive  of the Rwanda deal and would scrap it if elected. However because  they have no credible policy  to fill the void if they scrap the Rwanda  Deal then they are leaving themselves  open to electoral defeat. It is a serious miscalculation  by Labour if they don’t  believe that illegal  immigration  is going to be a huge factor in the next election. It is therefore possible  that Sunak’s  Tories could actually  pull off what was seemingly  impossible  and win another term in office against all the odds.

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