Brexit will not make Britain Great. Brexit will actually be bad for Britain. Brexit will not address what is actually wrong with the UK nor will it solve any of it’s problems. In fact Brexit is actually a symptom of what is actually wrong with the UK. Brexit will not offer a Quick Fix solution to Britain’s problems. Brexit will achieve nothing more than wrecking the livelihoods of many British Citizens. Brexit will destroy businesses and will cost jobs. Ordinary people will suffer as a result of high inflation, high prices for everyday goods and services, homes will be re-possessed. Economic uncertainty will prevail and Britain will be exploited through insecure trade deals by nations and stronger Economies such as the US who will exploit our vulnerable economic situation and lack of bargaining power. Britain will be in such a desperate position for trade deals that it will accept virtually anything on any terms. The EU will also exert massive trade tariffs on us and we will just back ourselves into a very desperate corner. Brexit will be bad for Britain. Brexit will not make Britain great. The politicians who are telling us it will cannot be trusted. Brexit is economic vandalism on a scale never before encountered.

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