Bodge-it, bungling, baffooning Boris Johnson to become Prime Minister, can Britain be any more embarrassing?

Boris Johnson,  or as i prefer  to call him, ‘Bodge-it Johnson’ has won the Conservative Party Leadership Contest to become Britain’s next Prime Minister can anything really be more ridiculous and embarrassing for Britain? The whole thing just smacks of desperation really in that the Tories were unable to find anyone more suitable really just speaks volumes about the lack of talent and ambition in the Conservative Party at this time. Instead they are willing to make an uncalculated gamble with the welfare of the British Economy by placing their faith in a recklessness and self seeking, self promoting, bungling and baffooning bodger. Tories need to go before they do any more harm to the UK. They are incompetent in government. This is the 3rd change of Prime Minister since they came into power. If they cannot even select their own leader wisely without having to make multiple attempts to do it correctly then how can they seriously be trusted to govern the UK? I suspect that this will not be the last leadership contest that we witness from this shambles.

Unfortunately  since these events in the Conservative  Party  Leadership battle took place which incidentally Mr Johnson won and the subsequent General Election which the Tories led by Boris Johnson  also won ( or another way of looking at it may be that this was the Election  that the Labour Party lost, or that this was the Election that the right-wing bigots, who generally have no interest at all in politics, actually did come out to vote in for the first time ever to ensure the sucesss of a right wing political agenda being pedalled  and promoted by the Boris Johnson and the Tories in an election that was basically  a single  issue agenda and debate).  Can British  politics  get any more embarrassing  and any more right wing?

The ‘Special Relationship’ that seems to rely on Trump’s terms and tantrums

This special relationship between the US and the UK that is supposed to exit and that is so oft referred to seems to be nothing other than a one-sided promise that is dependent upon Donald Trump’s terms and tantrums. This special relationship was announced by Theresa May early on in her premiership and was supposed to be the foundation of the Brexit promise of better trading options post Brexit. It was held up as a model for likely trade agreements outside the EU. Recently we have seen 2 incidents which call this ‘Special Relationship’ into question and shows it up for what it really is: a one-sided attempt by the US to interfere in British Politics and an attempt to assuage power over the British Economy.

Trump lies in wait like a vulture for post Brexit Britain 

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