Post Office Inquiry: what’s the point?

What really is the point of the Post Office Inquiry when all we see paraded in front of us are a bunch of liars who are unwilling or unable to tell the truth. Let’s  just proceed to prosecution of these liars and deniers who are more concerned  with trying to protect their reputations than getting  to the truth and culpability. There is already  significant  evidence available  for prosecutions so let’s get the police involved and proceed to prosecutions and stop this fiasco which  is the Public Inquiry. How these people manage to sleep at night is beyond comprehension. If we are to believe that they just didn’t  know what they were doing. It’s  quite inconceivable to believe that they were as incompetent as they make themselves  out to be and if they were then they should made to refund all the money  that they ever earned whilst working  for the Post Office because  they were clearly  not competent  or skilled enough to hold such esteemed positions and were clearly not fit to do their jobs: well at least that is what they are claiming. It’s  hard to believe  that Lawers  and Managers don’t  know how to read emails or just don’t  understand  the subjects to which they refer, or they just conveniently  forgot. The whole Inquiry, although well meaning,  is just a fiasco. Please proceed to prosecuting these liars.

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