The Conservative Party moves a step closer to political oblivion by taking a huge gamble of putting in charge a childish megalomaniac. It now appears that they are willing to take a huge gamble with the wellbeing of the British Economy and the livelihood of British people. This reckless gamble has the potential to backfire. Maybe we should be asking if the Conservative Party is actually fit to lead this country at all. After all the they has caused this crisis which appears to be likely to conclude in a very unfavourable way by leaving the EU without any deal. During this crisis the Conservative Party has brought about 3 changes in leadership and direction and none of which have led to any success or resolution. They have proven to be irrelevant, incompetent and reckless. So isn’t it about time the Conservatives just disappeared into the political oblivion that they seem to be heading towards anyway. Nobody likes a gambler when they are loosing. The Conservative Party seems to have a gambling addiction that it cannot shake off but should we really let them gamble with the economic future of Britain? I think not!

The Conservative Party is now just irrelevant and will be remembered only for bringing about damage and crisis to British democracy.