Time to call Netanyahu out and withdraw support for Isreal

We cannot  tolerate Netanyahu  and the IDF to keep killing our aid workers and innocent civilians in Gazza. The World shouldn’t  tolerate this behaviour  and these excuses from Isreal. The Isrealis cannot investigate  themselves because nothing ever comes of that. There is always a feeble excuse and a cover up. Nobody in the IDF  is ever made accountable for these war crimes. There is a need for another impartial body to investigate  these war crimes of Isreal instead of Isreal investigating it’s  own war crimes. Time to hold Isreal to account now. Time to shift the investigations to a agency that will not cover things up as the Isrealis and the IDF are doing now. And to add insult to injury Netanyahu  was even smiling and smirking when asked  about the killing of these Aid Workers from the food agency WCK. There is no excuse for these losses there is no justification  for the murder of women and children. Time for the world to withdraw funding and support for Netanyahu  and his regime.

Is Isreal now the enemy?

It may now be time to reassess who is the real enemy.  Isreal continues  to reject that there is any acute food shortage in Gazza. And it continues  to prevent enough aid getting through the Raffa Crossing. Despite the amount of evidence being presented through the work of brave journalists in Gazza, Isreal rejection of evidence suits Isreal’s agenda to continue to use food as a weapon of warfare.

Also Isreal continues  to justify that it can legitimately target aid workers’ hospitals and civilians if it sees fit, claiming that there is a possibility  that if Hamas is using Aid Workers  vehicles and ambulances to move armourments and hostages about. Most people in Gazza reside in tower blocks of multiple  occupancy. If Isreal identifies that any part of that building has any connections  to Hamas then it has targeted  the entire building thus resulting in many civilian  casualties. Isreal has justified and legitimised this course of action despite the disproportionately  amount  of civilian  casualties  involved. The reality is the too much of this indescriminate  killing has been going on resulting  in the disproprtionate amount of innocent civilian  casualties and deaths  amingst the total  death toll.

Isreal claims that mistakes are being made but these aid vehicles from the World Central Kitchen were systematically targeted one after another despite being clearly marked for the purpose of aid.

There is no claims of mistakes or poor Intel  that could justify what Isreal is doing in Gazza and it makes you wonder just who the enemy is now. Isreal will never be able to conduct and keep peace within Gazza and it aims of irradication of Hamas is just wishful thinking that has no basis in reality.  Isreal is systematically  conducting genocide  in Gazza killing indiscriminately in the hope that somewhere in those numbers killed that they can justify that they have managed to target some Hamas fighters. Claiming that Hamas fighters are hiding amongst the civilian population is not a good enough reason to legitimately target the civilian population and the infrastructure on which the civilian population relies. This excuse is wearing thin and it is an inefficient way to deal with a problem resulting in a disproprtionate amount of civilian deaths and casualties.  The result of pursuing this strategy has a catastrophic effect resulting  in the deaths of many innocent  people. Isreal’s  actions in the long run are just boosting  a recruitment campaign for Hamas or another organisation with a grudge against Isreal and as we are witnessing there seems to be plenty of grounds for that.

This article on the BBC website released on 4/4/24 basically echoes my concerns. Report from BBC Website on 4/4/24

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