Putin’s ambition to extend Russia may actually be about controlling World grain supply

Putin’s  ambition to extend Russia may  actually  be about controlling the World’s  grain supplies. The invasion of the Ukraine 🇺🇦  may not just be about extending Russian  Imperialism but may be about controlling the export of grain. First it was oil and gas and now it appears that his ambition  is also to control the food market in the West.

Surely the idea of having Russia potentially controlling the food market should be a warning sign for NATO  and the West and perhaps  encourage them to go even further to help liberate the Ukraine 🇺🇦  from this monster.

Boris Johnson’s Tory Party cannot be trusted even to abide by it’s own rules

What ‘Partygate’ has shown us is that Boris Johnson’s Tory Party cannot even follow it’s  own rules. They simply cannot be trusted to run the country because they lack any integrity and have been exposed. They continue to refer to the infringements as if they were a trifling matter. Of course they are sorry now that the horse has bolted and they have been found out. But that is an empty gesture and rather insincere. This is a Government  that failed up follow  it’s  own rules and therefore lacks the qualities needed  for leadership and stewardship  of our Nation. No amount of apologising  now will make it right.

The long awaited Sue Gray report looks like it has been a fudge without really  addresing the issue of whether or not the Prime Minister lied to Parliament. Nor does it seem to address why the Metropolitan Police seem to have ignored evidence which may suggest that the Prime Minister should have received more fines than he actually  did receive.

Putin must fail in the Ukraine

NATO must ensure that Putin has no success at all in the Ukraine. It is a duty to ensure that Putin must fail in the Ukraine. Failure is the only way to ensure that Putin looks weak in Russia. Failure will lead to the removal of Putin. NATO must get involved now to ensure that Putin fails in the Ukraine. So far NATO  has made too many mistakes  in containing Putin’s  Nazi ambitions so now is the time for action. Also NATO  must quickly  enroll the Ukraine  into NATO and the EU without delay so that it can legitimately engage its forces against those of the Russians. NATO  must do it now before it too late.

Failure to do this signals that NATO is prepared to sacrifice the Ukraine 🇺🇦 in order to retain stability in the West. This attitude allows Putin to legitimately target anyone he wants outside of NATO.

Whilst Putin engages in a game of Poker, destroying lives in the Ukraine : NATO  plays a game of Solitaire.

Time to expel Russia from UN

Surely  it’s time to expel Russia from the UN. Russia have demonstrated a willingness to breach human rights and are quite prepared to lie to the UN Council. Therefore they are unfit to be in attendance at voting that they can and will veto. It is imperative  that the UN acts in support of the non aggressor, in this case the Ukraine 🇺🇦.  Russia is clearly unfit to be a part of the United Nations Council therefore it must be expelled. The UN cannot condone a nation that is prepared to tell lies to the Council and is unwilling to address it’s  infringements of human rights and what looks like war crimes committed in the Ukraine 🇺🇦.  Russia’s presence in the UN is a huge embarrassment which prevents the UN from carrying out it’s  intended purpose.

Stoltenberg and Biden move aside: Ukraine needs NATO’s assistance now

Jens Stoltenberg and President Biden move aside if you’re  not prepared to deal with Putin. The World  now needs stronger leaders who are prepared to actually sort out Putin : instead of simply tolerating  him. This attitude, seemingly endorsed by Stoltenberg and Biden, simply no longer tenable as we witness the daily suffering of innocent adults and children in areas of Ukraine affected by the conflict and unmitigated aggression of Putin and his murderous forces.

Stoltenberg and Biden are simply making NATO look cowardly by not actively  engaging Putin. By doing this they have given Putin the upper hand to dictate the agenda. They have given him licence to practice his murderous intentions. The same thing happened in Syria, in Aleppo where Putin was able to decimate a pretty much defenceless population murdering innocent adults and children. The Ukraine 🇺🇦  is turning into exactly  the same situation. In all these situations  Putin has exploited NATO’s reluctance to actively  get involved. In fact he has exploited  NATO’s tolerance of Putin’s tactics of targeting the ordinary population: the innocent and the children. NATO have stood by and watched Putin’s  murderous and indiscriminate tactics. During all this NATO  has shown little  compassion but instead upholds it’s  club mentality maintaining that they will not get involved unless a member  state is under threat. Well this excuse for lack of action is now sounding a bit thin and actually  is beginning to look like cowardice. NATO  now needs much stronger leadership than Stoltenberg  and Biden seem prepared to offer. The World  is under threat from a dangerous and ruthless tyrant. We simply cannot  wait any longer to deal with Putin: it must be done now before any more lives are unnecessarily lost.  There comes a time to deal with a problem and that time is now in the name of humanity we cannot let Putin’s  unacceptable  behaviour go unchecked. To not do so now is simply another act of cowardice.

Doing nothing to stop Putin is going to leave a lasting stigma for Europe  and NATO

Imagine  if Putin conquers in Ukraine without the intervention of the West and NATO.  For many in the West and in Europe the knowledge  that perhaps  NATO intervention  could  have resulted in a different  outcome, could leave a lasting stigma and an unwelcome feeling that they could have done more to help the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦. There is a risk that we could feel we could have done something  to help. A feeling that we have made to believe that we are powerless even that we were cowardly not to stand up to Putin  to force a different  outcome. This is not how we want to feel. Historically Britain  has always done our best in these situations and as such we have no regrets. Let’s  hope we feel the same after this conflict.

Our ancestors were brave and fought for freedom from oppression and persecution: now it’s our turn to step into their shoes

Enough is enough. The situation cannot be tolerated any longer we must raise our armies and turn Putin’s forces back. The situation in Ukraine is now intolerable. This is genocide the same as which has been witnessed before. We cannot any longer watch and read about these events as bystanders. NATO must front up to Putin before an entire country is simply wiped from the map and all that entails to it’s citizens. We must help now . Our ancestors had to make the same choices before and we must make the right choices for the same reasons now.

NATO’s excuses now looking increasingly like cowardice

NATO’s excuses are looking increasingly  like cowardice. NATO  are objecting to establishing a no fly zone over the Ukraine because  of fears about getting  drawn into a war with Russia. However  if a no fly zone is established why would there be any need for any Russian planes to be there and if so they would be breaking the no fly zone so there would be legitimate cause to attack them. I get the feeling that NATO are simply looking  for excuses to avoid conflict with Russia. NATO are beginning to look like cowards unwilling to confront Putin.

We all know what the outcome in the Ukraine  will be

We all know what the outcome will be in the Ukraine despite sanctions on Russia to back down but this seems to have no outcome on NATO. Many innocent  people are simply  being slaughtered by Putin’s  forces as NATO  and the West just look on: tolerating the bully like a bunch of cowards. So after the Ukraine 🇺🇦  has been crushed do NATO  simply look away again the next time? NATO’s response is simply not good enough. Countries in Europe  maybe should consider eliminating Biden and the USA from the equation  and do what is right for Europe  and their individual  countries. Biden and the USA remain largely  unaffected by events in Europe  so should not be dictating terms to those countries that are. Meanwhile as NATO  procrastinates, time is running out for the Ukraine 🇺🇦  and the opportunity to make a real difference  diminishes.

NATO it’s time to draw a line

Surely with the possible threat of chemical weapons it’s  time for NATO to say when enough is enough from Putin. Surely  there becomes a point when NATO says cross this line and we will get involved and deal with you. Surely  we don’t want a repeat of what happened in Aleppo In Syria. Surely  there comes a point when NATO has to get involved and defend what is right and good and do the right thing in the name of humanity.

NATO’s weakness has been that it has become complacent and tolerant and unwilling to challenge. These are all qualities that have played into Putin’s  hands. There has been a failure and weakness from NATO to make boundaries to reign Putin in. Putin has exploited every weakness of NATO and it’s  club mentality. How much can NATO  blind itself to? NATO  it’s  time to draw a line now. Time to give an ultimatum and say cross this line Putin and you will have NATO to face as a potential  enemy. Surely that line must be the use of chemical weapons. Surely that would be enough and if not then why not? Already NATO has Syria  on it’s  conscience and if not then it should  have.

NATO must stand up and say ‘ I am Zelensky, I am Spartacus ‘

NATO the world is waiting to hear your response. Do not let any more be slaughtered in the name of Russia. As in World  War 2, Hitler had to be brought to account: so too must Putin. NATO must stand up and say ‘ I am Zelensky’. NATO must not make the mistakes  of Syria and Georgia or forever  be held accountable because  of complacency. NATO must hold a serious challenge  to the excessive regardless murdering of Putin’s Russian  Army. NATO is already accountable to some extent by not challenging  Putin’s  actions many years ago, which have become increasingly outragous as he has grown in the confidence  that NATO will just look the other way and shy away from getting involved and challenging him directly. It’s  time for NATO  to correct these misjudgements and mistakes. This is the time to stand up and say, ‘ I am Zelensky’. NATO must shed the apathy and complacency even if this means electing a new leader then it must do it now and quickly before more people die at the hands of the murderous and cowardly Russian  Troops.