Baldrick also had a bold and cunning plan: which like Truss’s will come to nothing

As we await the bold plan of the latest installment of the Tory Prime Minister number 4 , Liz Tuss, I am reminded of another bold and cunning plan by Baldrick of Black Adder fame. It might appear that the 2 have something  in common with one another with the announcements of both that they have a bold and cunning plan. The similarities  might not just end there  though because  Baldruck’s plans  always came to nought and similarly those of Liz Truss’s may have the same auspicious ending as well. I suppose  only time will tell. However during the leadership  race I was pretty unconvinced by Truss whose wooly  thinking often exposed her. I was also not convinced that Truss had  any edge at all over Sunak and mostly to the contrary actually I thought Sunak gave the more convincing arguments. Remember  that Truss’s plans to alter income tax actually  didn’t  benefit Pensioners at all. What struck me most about Truss’s  win was that there must be a severe lack of any real talent  at all in the Conservative  Party at the moment if Truss was eventually  crowned as the preferred  candidate.

It now appears that Prime Minister, Truss, has decided to opt for a strategy which protects the interests and profits of the Energy Providers

So Our Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has opted for a strategy of borrowing  which protects the interests  and the profits of the Energy  Providers. Thereby passing all the costs on to the taxpayers who will have  to pay for all this borrowing eventually. She has opted for protecting the outrageous profits of the Energy Providers  by ruling out both a windfall tax on the energy  providers  and a strategy  of re-nationalisation of the energy providers.

Has Prime Minister Liz Truss got shares in any British Energy Provider?

One is led to actually  wonder whether or not Liz Truss actually  holds any shares in these Energy companies, that she seems so keen to protect, from which she could be personally  benefitting from the dividends from their outrageous  profiteering? Is there any vested interests that the Prime Minister Liz Truss is protecting from public scrutiny? Has Prime Minister  Liz Truss got shares in any British  Energy Provider? Her plans are certainly  not in the national interest. Also increased borrowing  could also lead to higher  interest rates. Time will tell I suppose but at the moment I actually  believe that Baldrick  may have had a much better plan.

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