Brexit equals job losses : Sunderland wakes up with a Brexit hangover

News is now filtering through of the realities of Brexit. It is perfectly clear now that Brexit equals job losses and motor vehicle manufacturing towns like Sunderland are waking up with a massive Brexit hangover. Many of the biggest Uk’s motor vehicle manufacturers are all saying the same thing that in the event of a no deal Brexit they may have to consider alternatives which may include shifting production elsewhere resulting in job losses. Many of these motor vehicle manufacturers have already halted investment during the uncertainty of Brexit negotiations. The irony of all this is that places like Sunderland were strongly supportive of Brexit. Following the statement yesterday from Europe Chair of Nissan, Gianluca de Ficchy, many people in Sunderland may be waking up this morning with a massive Brexit hangover and wondering just what they were doing 3 years ago when they voted to loose their jobs and bring about a recession.

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