Britain left to drift for a month as an irresponsible Prime Minister prorogues Parliament

Like a spoilt child the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has prorogued parliament in order to try and get his own way. Have we ever encountered an act of irresponsibly as big as this. In a time of crisis for Britain the Prime Minister( and how much it pains me to have to refer to him as such) has simply chosen to abandon the normal functioning of government in order to silence his critics and to give him a better opportunity to press ahead with his own agenda without the limitations that parliament could impose on the crazy megalomaniac. Still intent on wrecking Britain and pressing ahead with no deal this prime minister cares nothing at all about Britain he only seems to recognise his own agenda and ambitions. Boris Johnson is bad for Britain! Parliament to him is not a democratic tool it is an obstacle. He still believes he can run the show like he did as London Mayor without opposition. Parliament is another matter and he has already been defeated. So now his idea is to silence parliament to make obstacles to obstruct parliament. This prime minister is just a childish Megalomaniac, a spoilt public schoolboy who is used to getting his own way. Bodge-it is certainly not going to face the horrible consequences of of a British recession and a one sided and exploitative trade deal with the USA. None of these Brexiteers will. Why do you think that the likes of the condescending Rees Mogg support Brexit? These are opportunistic venture capitalists hoping to erode working and living conditions. The likes of Rees Moog would have you living in a Victorian Slum if they could and working for nothing more than to pay them rent and enough food to give you the energy just enough to slave for them the next day. Jacob Rees Mogg is so obsessed with Victorian values he has even written a book about it this speaks volumes in itself. These are simply the people that you don’t  want running this country or telling us what’s best for Britain because what they are really saying is what’s best for them. The situation that can offer them the best possible opportunity and outcome is all that they are really interested in.

These Brexiteering venture capitalists see Brexit as an opportunity to destroy Britain and British institutions. They see it as an opportunity to attack and suppress the working classes and erode their rights. There is no better opportunity than a recession in order to do it, this much they have learnt from Margaret Thatcher who did the same. Economic factors play a large part in offering opportunities to impose change. In a period of uncertainty and desperation often bodes well to make sweeping changes in legislation relating to worker’s rights and conditions of service including pay and minimum wage. Through a recession these keen Brexiteers aim to drive down labour costs and increase unemployment. These are the economic variables that lead to desperation for the working classes which ultimately lead to a relaxation of labour laws and regulations. This is an erosion of conditions for the workers which leads to opportunity to exploit the workforce. High unemployment makes challenging the situation untenable which gives power to the bosses and venture capitalists. Brexit will therefore only lead to misery for the working classes with an erosion of your standards of living and your worker’s rights.

Bodge-it is hiding the truth from you that no deal suits him best

Boris Johnson has no intention of doing any sort of deal with the EU. The action of proroguing parliament simply proves that. It would be highly irresponsible to let a month go by with the deadline for our withdrawal looming when things could be achieved within that time by a prime minister who was serious about getting a deal. On 22/08/19 Bodge made a pledge to Angela Merkel that he would have an alternative to the Backstop ready to offer the EU. However he now has a week to fulfil what I suspect was just an empty gesture. This all goes to prove that Bodge-it just cannot be trusted at all. He is a prime minister of grand gestures that lack any real substance or grasp of reality. His promises of increased spending on schools and the police similarly cannot be trusted especially as we cannot be certain what the implications of Brexit will be for Britain’s economic future. It is likely that if we plunge into a recession all these spending plans will have to be revised and high likely that new austerity measures will be put in place. Either of these or an increase in taxation. So Bodge-it as all about the grand gestures but  nothing about the detail or the reality. He has accused the EU or looking too much at the detail mainly because this is a virtue that he himself lacks therefore he is critical of others who actually do have this virtue. So the clock is ticking down on Bodge-it’s plans. He must know that the EU will not abandon their position and he knows that despite what he claims that he cannot come up with a reasonable alternative to the Backstop that will be acceptable to the EU. Therefore now its just about who can he point the finger at to blame and make excuse for departing in the way that he had always sought to do anyways. Bodge-it has no intentions at all of making any deals with the EU and this has shown by his attitude, lack of compromise, lack of any real planning and his prorogation of Parliament in order to prevent proper debate, choice and analysis.

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